VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

Head Coach Jim Mora talked about preparing for Nevada, their Pistol offense and quarterback Cody Farjardo, and more...

On if he likes what he's seen in camp:
So far, yeah. I like their energy and I like their focus and I like their attitude. What we have to do is keep it up the rest of the week and keep building on it and then on Saturday, we have to go out and play well. All this stuff is great, but unless you go out and play well, it doesn't mean a whole lot. It's going to be a challenge. There are some things this week that are different. We're a young football team. Which I like. But it also creates an anxiety. I was looking at our roster. I think we have 12 seniors and six juniors, maybe seven juniors. So we're awfully young. And there is some anxiety because of that. But I also, at the same time, I like that. There are going to be some growing pains. We're going against a team we don't know very well, so that's going to be a challenge. I just think those are great opportunities for us to learn about ourselves, get better. So I'm excited to see how we react.

On maintaining focus as camp winds down:
Easier because no you're focused on an opponent. The hardest week is definitely that third week. The game is still out there on the horizon and hasn't arrived yet and you're not preparing for the game. They're tired after two weeks of hard camp. This week, they're locked in and they're focused. I think the challenge is to temper things early in the week so you don't shoot your wad too early and run out of emotion so we just have to temper that. And I think they've been great so far. You start game-planning for an opponent. Defensively, you're looking at plays and routes that are different from what you've seen for all of spring ball and three weeks of camp. Or offensively you're seeing different fronts and different blitzes and you're learning players names and their idiosyncrasies and their tendencies and things like that. Your focus changes and it really narrows.

On his biggest concerns at this point:
I have many. How are we going to handle the environment on Saturday night. I say we're young, but I think we have a really good nucleus of veteran leaders of guys who have played. But at some key positions, we've got some guys who haven't been out there under the lights against another opponent very often. When you look at our longsnapper situation and our punting situation, those guys haven't done it. In the secondary, we have some guys who've played but not played a lot. So those are challenges and concerns. It is what it is. We'll fight through it. I have a good feeling about those guys and good players. I'm anxious to see them perform on Saturday night.

On facing Nevada's offense:
Not since have I been here, have we seen the pistol. We're not sure how much pistol they're going to be and how much spread they're going to be so that offers another extreme dilemma, what are we practicing against. We don't have preseason film to go off of. We don't have practice, they weren't nice enough to send us any practice film. To some extent, we're guessing a little bit about what they're going to be on offense. And I think when you get into a situation where you're not sure what your opponent is going to be, then you have to make sure that you're fundamentally sound and you stick to your rules and play with great effort.

On if there is pressure facing Brett Hundley:
I think there is always pressure. This game is about pressure and handling pressure and we come out here every day and try to create pressure situations for him. The thing about Brett is he's shown an ability handle pressure. When you look at Brett statistically last year, one of the things that jumps out at you is the fact that on 3rd down and in the 2-minute, he was at his best. Those are high pressured situations in a game and he performed very well in those situations. Those are things that we can build on and certainly some things we can improve upon as well.

On Cody Fajardo:
We watched him and he does some great things. I've heard him compared to Colin Kaepernick and I watched some film this morning and said 'I can see that.' I can see a guy who's physical, who's strong, who can run, who can make all the throws. You see him get out to his right and make a throw, you see him get out left and make a throw and see him run up field. I think he's a really good player and he's fearless. He's not afraid to take a hit, he's not afraid to run it up in there and he takes care of the football. I like him a lot and think he's a really good player.

On if practicing against a zone read will help against Nevada:
At least it's familiar to us. They'll have some different concepts from what we run. Understanding mesh points, who's got the quarterback and who's got fallback and they'll run some option so who's got the pitch. It helps us. But they have a little different flavor then we have. They'll motion guys into the backfield and run option and they're very efficient running it. You watch them run the pistol and it's pretty. We'll see how much of that they do as compared to the things that they've added into their offense with the new head coach.

On the depth chart:
Here is how much credence I put into the depth chart: none. First of all, their heights and weights are wrong. I'd put zero credence into it. I only do it because they make me do it. We added a position. BY. You don't even know what that is. Big Y. I would put zero, zero, absolutely, positively zero credibility into that depth chart, because I put zero credibility into it when I fill it out. I'm sorry to say. I might get fined. We have so many guys. You can list, I listed, I don't know, 13 starters or something. They want 11 starters. To me, we have more starters than that. Because when I look at it, whether it's Jordan Payton or Devin Lucien, people are asking, who's the starter. Well in my mind, they're both the starter. On defense, I consider a guy who comes in on nickel to cover or rush at linebacker, I consider him a starter. He's starting in that package. But unfortunately, they make me put this depth chart out so I spend about 30 seconds and put something out. I don't mean to be misleading with it, but I don't look at life that way. We have a whole bunch of good players and fit them in where we can and play them as many places as we can. You can put some credence into Anthony Barr at outside linebacker, X at left guard, I think there is some credence in that one. There are some others. But you guys know we're going to play some others. And if we play the number of plays we want on offense, you'll see a lot of guys play. We'll rotate a lot of guys on defense as well. You can't just play with three defensive lineman when you're playing the tempo offenses and Nevada is a tempo offense. I just listed everybody. They only listed a 3-deep, I listed as many as I could until I ran out of paper. I think what's important is to come to the game. Its incentive. Come to the game and see what actually happens.

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