VIDEO: Barr on His Return

Anthony Barr talks about how the linebacker unit is looking so far in fall and the feeling of returning to the practice field this week...

Anthony Barr:

On being back:
It feels great. It feels like I haven't missed a step. It's good to be back out here and I'm excited to get back to work.

On if he can talk about the injury:
Unfortunately not, but you know how that goes, so that's that.

On how he feels:
I've felt 100% for some time. It's a matter of going through the steps on the field. I feel good and I'm ready to roll.

On Cody Fajardo:
A very crafty quarterback. A guy who likes to be outside when he throws the ball and he can run pretty well. He's their leading returning rusher so we're going to try and contain him.

On playing against him at outside linebacker:
I think stopping the run and playing against the run is something I focused on a lot in the offseason and I'm very comfortable with that.

On watching how Kenny Orjioke was doing:
That's my little bro and give him as many pointers as I can. He's been great for us and he's just got to make sure when his name is called, which is going to be quite a lot this year, he's ready to go.

On if he sees Orjioke as a Anthony Barr clone:
He has his own little way of doing things and I think it's pretty cool. I just try to give him some knowledge I have and things I can share with him. He hasn't been playing the position very long, so anything I can do to help him I will.

On UCLA's experience at linebacker:
It's very important. What we have in our room is very strong. We can hold each other accountable.

On playing behind Cassius Marsh:
They'll double me and leave him single or double me and leave him single so that will be interesting to see how that plays out. I think he was great last season. I just think he got better in all of it, physically and mentally. I'm very excited.

On the injury in the past week and going through something similar:
I think all football players do. Playing football for as long as you do, you get dinged up every now and then. Players don't talk about it much. It is what it is just like everything else.

On Aaron Wallace:
A lot more confidence. He's very comfortable now, especially on the life. He was familiar with the right side and it took a little bit of an adjustment to the left side but now he's good to go and I'm excited about him.

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