VIDEO: Goodman Getting Better

Tahaan Goodman talks about advancing up the depth chart and where he stands in terms of his comfort level in the defense at this point...

Tahaan Goodman:

On moving up the depth chart:
It actually feels great, just coming in every day early, for practice, for meetings and studying late at night is all paying off.

On getting more comfortable:
I feel a lot more comfortable than how I did at the beginning. Just getting more practice and more reps. And seeing how I did on the iPad. It's helped a lot.

On coaching from Coach Martin:
Coach Martin, the coaches are really nitpicky and they want me to be perfect so they help me overall. Whether it be angles, tackling, coverage's, anything so it's a great thing.

On showing more instincts:
Learning the plays, it's something I don't have to think about on the field so it's bringing my athleticism back in to play and my instincts so I can really put it in my own kind of swag and play the way I know how to play.

On the interchangeable safeties:
That's exactly how I played safety all my years that I have played. My coaches at high school, we played it just like that. You roll, you have to know both sides and we played it just like that. It's a lot faster and a lot quicker and it helps you know the field better. I like it because it doesn't limit you. You can be in the way, get a lot of tackles and get a lot of interceptions.

On playing a little corner:
Maybe down the road, whatever the coaches need me to do, I'm willing. Safety is definitely my true love, but whatever the team may need or the coaches ask me to do, I'm willing.

On the young secondary:
During the summer, we were learning the plays and it seemed kind of easy. Then once they put in the blitzes and the packages, it got a lot harder and we had to actually put a lot more work into it, learning the technique, the leverage and where you stand on the field.

On what his comfort level is:
I'm not sure, but I'm pretty comfortable with it. I just want to keep studying it and keep perfecting the craft so I won't have anything to worry about, anything to think about and know the coverage's and ball out.

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