VIDEO: Redmond on Depth Chart

Alex Redmond discusses being listed as a co-starter at guard, how he feels he's progressed since his injury, and where he is in terms of height and weight...

Alex Redmond:

On feeling more comfortable:
I'm feeling really good and starting to learn the plays. I know most of them and I'm doing really well. Just trying to get after guys and do my part in this huge program.

On being listed at right guard with Caleb Benenoch as an OR:
I wouldn't say pleased, because I don't want to settle for second string. It is what it is and I just have to come out here and work harder so it kind of drives me.

On the comfort level at his spot:
They call out so many things and they kind of guide me through it and everyone is locking in. It's actually pretty easy playing next to Jake. He's on key on everything and he's just a technician so you don't have to really worry about much when you're playing next to him and Torian too. I just have to remember my calls and echo what Jake says.

On playing with experienced linemen:
It's nice having some guys who know a lot more than me and can help me with my game off of the field as well. I was just talking to X about the little things and the mindsets so it's really good to have experienced guys around me.

On his role at guard:
I've just go to get my motor going once I'm out there. I think I can lay a pretty mean block on someone. My team never realy pulled out on long stretch plays like that. It will be interesting going out and blocking some safety like 30 yards down field, so that should be fun.

On being conditioned:
All of our practices end with conditioning so just running the plays at the tempo we do conditions us so I feel good.

On his size:
I'm 6-5, about 305 right now. I want to actually lose a little bit of weight to be more mobile, but I've actually lost a little bit weight so I'm feeling pretty good.

On knowing the playbook:
I'm starting to get better at it and I'm starting to learn all my stuff. I'm picking up things I didn't know before, some reads and some calls that I can see rather than before. I'm feeling comfortable.

On feedback from Coach Klemm:
He said physically I'm there, but I just need to develop my mental game and I'm getting there and in my playbook.

On going against the UCLA defense:
They're all pretty good and they all go after it and all compete. They all go hard and they're all tough.


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