Intro 2016: Christian Brandt-Sims

The Wenatchee (Wash.) 2016 receiver, Christian Brandt-Sims, is hoping to make a name for himself...

Wenatchee (Wash.) 2016 receiver Christian Brandt-Sims is set to be one of the big play guys for his team this fall.

That's if his brother doesn't hog the ball.

The younger brother of running back Isaiah Brandt-Sims, a commit to Stanford, Christian will be playing varsity this fall and hoping to get some passes thrown his way.

But he's excited about the chance to play with his brother, one of the premier sprinters in the country as well.

The two traveled to a number of Junior Days this spring, where Isaiah was being recruited, and it allowed Christian a chance to see what the recruiting process was like at an early age.

"When I would go to different schools and different events with my brother, they were obviously focusing on Isaiah but coaches would come and talk to me so I was able to see what the process is like some," said Brandt-Sims.

Two schools in particular stood out to Brandt-Sims.

"When we went down to Stanford, we met the coaches and I talked with them some," said Brandt-Sims. "When we went down to UCLA for Junior Day, I got to know some of the coaches for track and football."

The in-state schools are two that Brandt-Sims grew up watching and he's spoken with coaches at each.

"The in-state schools, Washington and Washington State, both know about me and they were at a camp I was at (NW Elite Camp)," said Brandt-Sims.

At 6-3, 185, Brandt-Sims is much bigger than his older brother, though he doesn't have the same speed.

"I know I'm not nearly as fast as him, but I don't think I'm too far behind," said Brandt-Sims. "I don't think I'll ever match his speed but when I'm a senior, I'll definitely be closer than I am now. This season, I want to get up into the high 180's and by my senior year, be around 195."

As for following his brother to Stanford in the future? Brandt-Sims wants to hold that thought, like a lot of brothers.

"We'll see how this year goes and if I like playing on the same team," joked Brandt-Sims.

Brandon is in his ninth year with and FOXSportsNext, currently as a National Recruiting Analyst and West Regional Manager. Prior to joining the Scout Recruiting Team, he was a team recruiting writer.  He's been covering recruiting for the Scout Network since 2003.
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