VIDEO: Hundley after Victory

Brett Hundley talks about scoring the first TD of the season with his legs, how his offensive line protected him, and what went into the offensive explosion...

Brett Hundley Saturday:

On scoring the first touchdown again to start the season:
It was a blessing. It was pretty funny and ironic too. It wasn't the very first play. I was talking to Mazzone about it and said 'let's run the same thing' but he ran a different play. It's all good. But I mean, we got the first rushing touchdown of the year. It was a blessing and it was fun.

On the first game without Johnathan Franklin:
It was huge. JJ (Jordon James) did an amazing job, Paul Perkins and Manfro, all three of our backs, like I said, during the offseason, you put them in and they do what they need to do. They've done a tremendous job. Shout out to the O-Line, they did a great job.

On if he had first game jitters:
Yeah, to be honest, I did. I felt a lot more relaxed than last year, but just like anybody, this was the first game coming home and I had a little bit of nerves coming in, but after I was smacked around a couple times, I was fine.

On assessing his first game performance:
It was ok. Good is the enemy of great and we were good tonight. We have to go in the film room, fix the mistakes and get better from it.

On blowing it open in the third quarter:
I think that was huge. The first half, they had a new defensive coordinator, a new defense, so there wasn't much to study, so we had to feel them out, see what they were doing. We went in to half, made the adjustments, and that's when we lit up the scoreboard a little bit. Coaches did a great job doing that and players executed what we needed to do.

On the difference between the offensive line:
I just think we're on so much better communication terms, defensive blitzes, defense, anything they really throw at us, cover zero. There were a lot of things that we were able to pick up, squeeze calls, anything and everything, we're so much better communication wise.

On his first touchdown:
It was fun. The sea opened and I just took off. The end zone was there so I had to get the dive. The fans were there and it's such a blessing to be at the Rose Bowl, and to score a touchdown in that end zone, with our fans, you've got to get them jacked up and you've got to pump them up and it was such a blessing to see them out there.

On settling down early:
It's huge. I felt a lot more comfortable out there today and as you can see. The defense was playing the pass, so that's why we ran, ran, ran. After a point, Mazzone loves to throw the football and we're just going to be like, eff it, and just get out there and throw it. After a couple, we just started throwing the ball and I felt really comfortable just sitting in the pocket and throwing the ball. You understand what the defense is doing and just getting the ball out to different receivers and get the ball down the field.

On seeing the punt block for a touchdown:
It's an amazing feeling. We're always trying to put points on the board. Once we get back on the field, every time we touch the ball, we're trying to score.

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