VIDEO: Vanderdoes on First Game

Eddie Vanderdoes talks about the quick adjustment to college ball and playing with all of the freshmen at the end of the game...

Eddie Vanderdoes Saturday:

On his first game:
I was really excited to go out there and show what I have and show what I can do and play with a great defense.

On putting the summer distractions behind him:
That was really behind me, for the last while now. I just put the focus on my team and getting better.

On his performance:
I felt like I did alright and I felt like there were a lot of opportunities I could have made. I felt like there were a few sacks that I missed and I want to work on my technique. As a defense, I felt we played good tonight and we have a lot of potential to play great. We'll work on that in practice.

On playing with Kenny Clark and Kylie Fitts at the same time:
For sure, we were all hyped for that when we all got to go out there and play together, because we're all great friends and we do everything together. It was nice, getting out there and playing together and getting a nice glimpse of the future.

On the depth of the defensive line:
It's great, everyone stays fresh.

On his strength translating to the college level:
I was surprised a little. I had a lot of adrenaline so I wasn't trying to think about that.

On some series having six freshman in:
It was great. A lot of the guys in the class got to play and it shows our class is great and it was put together by the coaching staff and by them all getting on the field shows we're going to be great in the future. And we have the tools to be great.

On getting his feet week at the college level:
It surprised me because it's college football and you've been watching it your whole life on TV and now you're playing it.

On the speed of the game:
It was actually slower than what we do in practice because we go, we go in practice. We go fast in practice. It's only an hour and a half of practice but its going the whole time. It's high paced and so it really benefits us when we go into games and face offenses, it just kind of slows everything down.

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