VIDEO: Manfro on Running Game

Steven Manfro talks about the holes created by the offensive line and the one muff of a kickoff...

Steven Manfro after the game:

On the running game producing over 300 yards:
It's awesome. Having everyone go on to the field and just prove they're able to play, and altogether at once, it's just a great feeling.

On being back playing running back:
It's definitely awesome because that's my position. It's the position I played my whole life, and a position I feel comfortable at and the best position for me.

On the first kickoff:
I was just getting my one drop in.

On the offensive line:
The offensive line and the receivers are always there for us, giving their all, and blocking. Without them, we couldn't really do anything. We have to give all of our credit to them. Just give all the credit to them, it's their job, and they're doing it well to give us the yards we need.

On the backs proving something:
I think so, it's definitely a step in the right direction. Showing that we all can and are willing to go on the field and prove to people that we could play with the best.

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