VIDEO: Zumwalt on Defense

Jordan Zumwalt talks about the difficulties of defending against the zone read of Nevada and how he thought the defense did overall...

Jordan Zumwalt on Saturday:

On playing against his high school rival Cody Fajardo:
We definitely had some early connections, some 'what's up man, how you been,' a little trash talking. We went out and competed.

On what he said to Fajardo when he went over the bench on the sideline:
I said 'come on man, you have to get back out there, your team is out there.' That was actually just really funny that he went over the bench.

On making the play to knock Fajardo out of bounds and overrule a touchdown:
I was so happy I made that play. That was like my redemption play. They had beaten us in high school (in the CIF-SS Pac-5 Finals in 2009), so if he had gone over me in that touchdown , I was going to be so sad. I know they scored the next play. I was just happy not on that one.

On the overall feeling of the defense:
Everybody, we can always get better. There were definitely some errors by myself and by everybody. Everybody definitely improved and that's what we strive to do. Everybody played well. But of course, there is always room to improve.

On defending the zone read:
Well Cody is talented man. He's a fast guy. It's assignment football, to a T. And if you didn't stay, you lost the ball for a second and you couldn't really see what was going on, then that guy just took off because he's so fast. It was just assignment football. But that guy was tough to play against.

On going against a running quarterback:
Everyone in the Pac-12 is a running quarterback. Everyone plays a fast tempo. It was nice to see, another team that has a running quarterback and what we'll see.

On what they can continue to get better at:
It's just assignment football. We need to play a lot more assignment football. I think we came out in the second half and ran a lot better assignment football. Work on getting our assignments.

On the defensive depth:
Absolutely, we can rotate too. When you have guys when you get a little tired, coach will even know when you're tired. You won't even know when guys are tapping you and they're like 'get off, get off'. And you're like 'alright cool,' and you get off the field and get a breather. It's nice to have the depth. We were rotating all the young guys. You have to take the reps when you're a young guy, especially if you're playing the game. We knew the young guys would get a lot of PT and it was really cool to see.

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