VIDEO: Klemm on O-Line

Adrian Klemm gives a positive review of Alex Redmond's first game and discusses his expectations for the offensive line...

Adrian Klemm on Saturday:

On starting Alex Redmond at right guard:

It was just one of those things where they (he and Caleb Benenoch) were battling it out the entire camp. Obviously Alex was out for a little with the concussion, so he stepped back, but in 3-4 days, he earned his spot. I told them they would battle it out and we would make a game time decision and we made the decision on Wednesday. It was something I felt was important with the lineman, for them to be cohesive. And to get them that by working for a few days. Simon missed a few days, so I wanted Torian to feel comfortable working with him.

On Redmond's performance:

I was pleased with it. Obviously he could get better but I was pretty surprised. Last week, it's crazy how much difference a week makes. We had our mock game a couple of days ago and I had to go off on him in warm ups because he was so out of control, he was so pumped up and he was dumping our guys and I was like 'hey, it's three steps then stop.' But I love the passion he plays with, he plays with aggressiveness, he plays with a violent disposition and I'm really proud of him tonight. There are some things we need to work on, a couple of plays where he dumped someone and earned some ooh's and ahh's on the sideline, but I'm like 'that's the wrong damn person.' But for the most part, he did real good. And I think the guys helped him a lot, it being his first game, and that's one of the better games I've seen a young guy have.

On Jake Brendel getting down field so quickly:

I can't really get mad at him for that. It's all timing. Sometimes, we may get out a little longer, sometimes we may get out a little faster. It's something we have to work through.

On rushing for over 300 yards:

I think it was good all the way around. Brett's setting it up. Noel calling a great game really well. The running backs having great vision and seeing the holes and then offensive line, we did alright, we could obviously do better. I'd like to get like 500 yards. I have high expectations. When you set the bar a little bit high, we want to reach that and maintain that. Whenever I say 300 yards, and we do that and its the first game of the season, obviously we can do so much more than that as the season progresses. People could look at whatever conference they're from, but thats a pretty good team that's beat some good teams over the years. Especially on the side of the ball where we didn't know what they were going to do. We had an idea of what they were going to do. But we're watching North Dakota State and other places, and we had about 100 snaps to make a gameplan off of. I took my hat off to those guys, not just the O-Line, but getting together and executing the game plan of Coach Mazzone.

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