VIDEO: Jack on First Game

Myles Jack says that there were some early jitters on Saturday, and talks about the excitement of playing with all the freshmen at the end...

Myles Jack after the game:

On his first game:
I'm feeling good, just as a freshman, in my first game. It was a good learning experience, just with the crowd and everything, so much going on. Just zeroing in and just focusing and it was a good learning experience and doing what you need to do and doing your job.

On the quick adjustment to the speed of the game:
There were a lot of jitters actually. My mom came out. There are big expectations for the season, and just coming in and playing, and the crowd and everything. I was a little nervous. But I just played and it's the same pace as our practices are, so it wasn't too much of a shift, it was just calming down and containing.

On the defensive adjustments in the second half:
I think it was just mainly us, the first game, just everybody's amped up. The second half, we had to just come in and do our job. Just focus on what we needed to do individually and at the end of the second half, it paid off.

On all the true freshman playing defense at the end of the game:
That was cool. We kind of all looked at each other and we're like, we played and contributed. It was cool, and it was like a big hoo-rah for us, and the class of '13.

On winning by 38 in the opener:
You've just got it, one week at a time. You've got this 24 hour rule to celebrate this week, and then you've got to move on and focus on Nebraska two weeks from now, so just keep moving.

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