VIDEO: Redmond on First Start

Alex Redmond talks about beating out Caleb Benenoch for the starting right guard spot and how he thinks his first game as a starter went...

Alex Redmond on Saturday:

On getting into a rythym in his first start:
I think I got my technique down and my steps right. Once I put my hands on people, I can be the overphysical guy I want to be. It worked out well tonight and I felt like I played well.

On rushing for over 300 yards:
I know, it was crazy. I was so hyped up. It's something unreal, playing under all those people, just battling with all of your brothers out there. Those guys really have my back and it's fun playing out there.

On if it felt easy at times:
The holes were huge. Coach Klemm could run through those holes for at least 20 yards. It was fun. It's fun moving people. I had a good time.

On when he found out he would start:
It was about four days ago.

On if he ever foresaw this after being committed to Oregon:
I would have never imagined it. I made the right choice. I'm glad I'm here. I just want to continue to get better because I think I have a lot to show.

On the tempo feeling like Oregon:
When they ran Tampa like four times, I got a little tired, but that's where I just pull and I got kind of tired on that one. I felt good and my conditioning kicked in. But after a couple of plays, I just relaxed and relaxed my body and played well.

On how well he translated to D-I:
I think it's just a mindset that you have to go in and put yourself and be like 'I'm playing against these guys and I'm beating the crap out of them.' I just thought of it like this. I'm not really worried about it. The coaches, they put me in for a reason, so I must be pretty good at it. I just trust in my coach and my trainer.

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