VIDEO: Su'a-Filo on O-Line Performance

Xavier Su'a-Filo talks about how Alex Redmond looked in his first game and how pleased he was with the production of the offense...

Xavier Su'a-Filo on Saturday:

On the offensive line's performance in the opener:
Last year, our offensive line started pretty decent down at Rice and I think today we got started fast and that's what we were emphasizing. And I think for Alex Redmond to step in there as a true freshman and to be able to handle all their stunts and the things that they were doing was real good. Our tempo I think helped big time with that, didn't get them a whole lot of time to adjust. We took care of problems early, on the sidelines made adjustment and were able to score more points.

On if he thinks the tempo was as fast as a year ago:
I can't remember. I'd like to say in the second half when we got rolling, it did feel faster, if not as fast as last year. I feel a lot better.

On if it seemed too easy:
I like to think so, but we're just lucky we have great breaks, who know to read and how to break tackles. They really help us out a lot and they make us look good. We'll have to go look at the film and see how big the holes really were but I know we have a lot to work on and a long ways to go before we head up to Nebraska.

On the backs replacing Johnathan Franklin:
No doubt (they proved something). You can never replace Johnathan Franklin, he was a different player. But I think what's neat about running backs, Paul Perkins, Steven Manfro, Jordon James, Malcolm Jones, Roosevelt Davis, what's neat about all those backs is they have their own way about going about things. They're smart and I think we're real lucky that they can come in fresh. They're not selfish and that's what I really love about them. They all run hard and they all work hard, one guy scores and they all congratulate him, even the one guy might have taken all the carries. I really love our backfield.

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