UCLA Lands Productive Player in Bluiett

Four-star Trevon Bluiett just picked UCLA, and he is the type whose game beings to show through the more you see him play...

Some players jump off the page right away at people. They are either super athletic, explosive, long, or just have one moment in a game that immediately makes someone take notice. Four-star wing Trevon Bluiett is not one of those prospects. However the more you watch him the more you appreciate his game.

At about 6-foot-5 and roughly 195 pounds, Bluiett doesn't have the look of a traditional elite small forward. He doesn't have the quickest feet, isn't an explosive athlete, and overall just doesn't fit the mold.

Beyond that Bluiett isn't an explosive leaper so he doesn't grab rebounds above the rim, doesn't have a dynamic first step to get by guys, and isn't someone who does anything flashy in how he plays, and often times people who haven't seen him a lot tend to downgrade his game.

However the more you watch Bluiett, the more you appreciate what it is that he does on the basketball court. In fact, despite not possessing the most physical gifts, Bluiett is as productive as nearly any small forward in the country.

Along with that, Bluiett actually rebounds and passes much better than people think. This is evidenced in his Nike EYBL statistics where Bluiett pulled in 4.4 rebounds per game, and actually led his team in assists, and did so by a wide margin averaging 4.3 per contest.

The way Bluiett gets rebounds is with effort and just that extra sense of knowing where the ball will come off the rim. He always finds a way to be in the right place at the right time, and that in a nutshell is what makes him so impressive, his understanding and feel for the game are off the charts.

Overall the more you watch Bluiett the more you appreciate what he is capable of doing. Everyone knows he can really shoot the basketball, but it is how he goes about things that is so impressive. UCLA is getting a very good one with Bluiett, and someone that as Bruin fans watch more and more they will appreciate at a greater level.

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