VIDEO: Mora on Tuesday

Jim Mora talked after practice about his policy on uniforms, what UCLA will do this week in terms of practice, and his thoughts on the bye week...

Jim Mora on Tuesday:

Opening statement:
We got in some good work today. It was generic stuff. It was just UCLA against UCLA. We made some corrections from the game Saturday night and then we got into some football. Tomorrow and Thursday we'll get into Nebraska. Not too much. Like before the game, we want to introduce some things, but we don't want to become stale. So we'll have a period tomorrow and Thursday on Nebraska. But other than that, it's working on the fundamentals, tackling, communication, substitution, the things that help you win a football game, so it was good work.

On if he wishes UCLA had a game this week:
I'll tell you why I don't. Had we played Nebraska this week, too many people outside of this building would have put the focus on Nebraska, and overlooking Nevada. So having the week in between Nevada and Nebraska, allowed our football team to focus squarely on Nevada. So now we have some time here, it was a hard camp, it was a grueling camp. they were beat down a little bit. This allows them a chance to bring it back a little bit. Gives us a chance to go back and work on some of the fundamental things that reared their head in the Nevada game. So even though it's a little unorthodox to have a bye after the Nevada game, I think it's going to benefit us, I really do.

On keeping them from buying into the hype:
Because they don't listen to it. These kids today, they don't watch TV, if they get on the internet, it's to Skype with their buddies or to play a game or watch a movie or twitter or Facebook, or something. They don't watch, I'm sorry, they don't watch the news, they don't read the papers, so I don't think they do. They don't talk about it. We don't talk about it. For us, it's every day about being better than you were the day before. Our expectations are based on our expectations and not what goes on outside of here and I think they've adopted that attitude, at least that's what I've seen so far.

On what he learned about his team after Nevada:
I learned a lot. We have some really good football players on this team, freshman players, that are going to contribute all year. Our quarterback has matured. Our offensive line is a lot more stable. We've got a really good front seven. Our secondary is real stable. We punted the heck out of the ball. It went good. Those were good things and then there were things we need to learn from. Like all games, there are corrections to be made, problems that presented themselves that we didn't anticipate. I wasn't satisfied with our substitutions on defense. I thought we were ragged. And that hasn't shown up at all, ever, in the year we've been here so we have to find out why and fix it. All in all, it was good, but that doesn't mean we go 'everything is great' and be moving on. We pull it apart and dissect it and look at it and put it back together.

On "punting the heck out of the ball":
We punted the heck out of the ball. It was one of the great punting efforts in UCLA history. When the punter doesn't go out there, it's a good thing. The more times we can go without a punt in a game, the better off we'll be.

On the black uniforms:
I don't know what you're talking about. I'm thinking about Nebraska. I couldn't care about the uniforms.

On if he has rules for what players can wear:
For games? Oh yeah, we're very strict. I allow them to all look the same and not look different. I care what they wear on game night. I'm not worried about what they wear whenever, I care about what they wear, and what they're going to wear to practice tomorrow. But we have very strict guidelines to what they'll wear on game day. When you spat, you wear the same color tape. We wear the same color shirt. Adidas will tell you that there wasn't a team that wore their uniform better than we did, last year. We had no uniform violations last year and we take pride in that. I think a team looks best when they all look the same.

On if it's part of his discipline:
Yeah, I think it is. It's a team. It's a team and a team is supposed to look the same. I don't know if it's about discipline, but it's my belief. I let them do their own little swag things. The way they wear their towel, only a few guys can do it, they can put a little wristband here (on elbow) and a little wristband on their knee, but we look the same. We're a team and the team looks the same. My philosophy is, the team looks good when they all look they same. That's how you're supposed to wear your uniform and that's why they call it a uniform. A uniform means they look the same and that's how I feel.

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