VIDEO: Rios Talks Recovery

Marcus Rios, who underwent a variety of treatments and surgeries for a fungal infection over the last year, hopes he can make it back earlier than expected...

Marcus Rios on Tuesday:

Opening statement:
It's good to be back out here with the team, getting in the mix, lifting, getting in the weight room again. Just on my grind like I used to be. I feel great.

On the process since the spring:
I knew from the get go I would be coming out. I just didn't think it would come so fast. It ended up happening. I got a call from my doctor and he said the medication was going good, I responded to it well. So there is no need for a pick line anymore and as soon as I heard that, I was happy. I'm just happy to be back on the field.

On the pick line coming out:
About two weeks ago. I've been working out since then and I was ready to go today. I saw my pads out and Coach Alosi walked by and he said 'you can't practice yet, you've got to work out with me first.' So I've been working out with him just to get back. He wants to make sure I don't get out there and get injured. I'm ready. I'm just hungry. I'm ready to ball again.

On his weight:
Right now, I'm 175, but I lost a lot of weight. When I was in the hospital, I was down to 130. It was bad. But as soon as I got out, all that motivation, all that hardship I went through, I'm ready to play.

On if he can play this year:
I'm definitely playing. That's happening. I talked to Coach Mora and he said I'll most likely start playing the Utah game. He just wants to make sure that my body is right and he doesn't want me going out there getting hurt or anything like that. He wants to make sure my body is in top condition.

On when he thinks he'll be ready:
I'm ready to go right now. I'm ready to go right now. I've been working out. I got the pick line out two weeks ago. I've been working out hard, I'm in shape and I've been lifting. I'm ready to go. I've got to go through their process. I think I'll be able to start practicing, Coach Alosi said I have to work through him the next two weeks, or at least a week and a half.

On if he's gotten any clarity on the illness:
It's still a mystery. They don't know anything. I'm still an experiment. It's pretty much, whatever happens, happens. I go in every month and get a little check up, and every 2-3 months, I get an MRI. But each MRI is looking better and better. I was never scared. I don't know, it's weird. I was never scared. Even when I was in the hospital, I couldn't move, but I don't fear anything, so I was never scared.

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