VIDEO: Willis Says He's 100%

Priest Willis has little to say about his absence from the game last week but says he's now 100% and expects no further issues going forward...

Priest Willis on Tuesday:

On missing last week's game:
It was just last week, coaches decision. I was just watching the team and supporting them, and waiting to get back on the field against Nebraska.

On how he feels now:
I feel 100% and that's why I'm out here, practicing, getting prepared for Nebraska. It's supposed to be a big game and just getting prepared for my first game and jumping back in with the team and just be ready to play against Nebraska.

On getting his legs back:
You don't appreciate something until you miss it. I've been out for a minute, but it was lovely, I was just running around there and got tired, but man, just getting back to the game, I was just loving it, back with my team, it feels great.

On being on the sidelines:
I watched the game, it was a great game, and I cheered them on. It was wonderful.

On seeing Tahaan Goodman making plays:
That's expected. I knew, that's why we practice out here and that's what the coaches expect from us, to make plays and practicing as hard as we do, transitioning to the field, I know we're going to make plays.

On not facing a passing team in the opener:
Even if they were throwing it 55 times, we would have had 20 picks. Confidence, we have a great secondary, we compete every down and are very prepared.

On if he'll mysteriously be missing anymore:
No. I'm here, I'm ready and I can't wait for Nebraska next week.

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