VIDEO: Clark on First Game

Kenny Clark, who was all but slated to redshirt at the beginning of fall camp, played his way into the depth chart and onto the field Saturday against Nevada...

Kenneth Clark on playing in his first game:

On taking the hit at the end of the game:
I'm good. He hit me pretty hard. I got back up. It was alright. He blindsided me and hit me in the side of the jaw. I got back up. I've been hit harder. It's just, the blindside, it's crazy. Takes you by surprise, but I'm good.

On playing this year:
It was pretty cool. I've just been working hard, all day. Every time you come into a new school, you see the five-star, four-stars, whatever. Nobody knows how much effort you put into this sport, or how hard you play. That really just comes out when you actually put the pads on and play. You just work hard and give enough effort and coaches saw it and I got a chance to play.

On how he rated his performance on Saturday:
I give myself a 6.5. I'm a hard critic. I did alright. I think I had 2 tackles or a tackle and a half. I did alright. I'm just going to keep working hard at practice, learning the techniques, doing whatever the coaches tell me, and whenever I get in, do what I can.

On position versatility:
I don't really know yet. He puts me at d-end at different days and times, but I'm pretty sure he'll tell me by the end of the week if he needs me to play end. I could do both but nose guard is really my position, and what I've been playing the most time, but wherever they put me, I could play. I just work hard and do what the coaches tell me to do.

On the young line playing together:
We talk about it all the time. We're not here to sit behind people. We come out here to work hard and to help this team out as much as we can. That's what we think of and that's what we do. We're with each other every day. I hang out with Kylie and Eddie all the time and that's all we talk about, how we can get better and how hard we have to work tomorrow and the next day after that.

On Eddie Vanderdoes:
Eddie did pretty good. I like how he played pretty hard. Came out, he balled out, that was pretty good.

On what Angus McClure said after the game:
He told us after the game he liked how we worked. I think all the coaches are pretty excited about us. They're always high energy. Talking to us, I think the coaches really like all three of us, they know we're working hard and will be good on the field.

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