VIDEO: Barr on Adjustments

The star linebacker, Anthony Barr, talked about how there were some things he needed to adjust to against Nevada...

Anthony Barr talked to us after practice. <

On if there will be a revenge factor from Nebraska:
I don't know. I'm sure that they will be fired up, just like they are for any game. We got the better of them last year and any time you face an opponent the second time around, you have a little extra motivation. I'm sure they'll get up.

On the bye week:
I don't know if I like it, I would like to play this week, but it is what it is. We'll be on a schedule and we'll abide by it. It's good to get your body back and get your legs under you a little bit, so in terms of that, it's good for us.

On the hostile environment they'll face in Nebraska:
I think it effects the offense more than the defense and I think we'll feed off the energy of that the same.

On if Cody Fajardo prepared for them for Taylor Martinez:
I think it does. They're very similar as far as what they do. Fajardo likes to get out of the pocket and scramble, same with Martinez. We have a similar game plan, in terms of trying to contain him and to keep him in the pocket and make him a passing quarterback more than a scrambling quarterback.

On the game-plan from Nevada towards him:
I got doubled a lot. I got cut maybe 9-10 times. It's just something you have to adjust to. We've been working on that all practice, and it's something we'll have to get used to as the season goes on.

On if the added weight impacted his game:
I felt fine. They ran some tempo and anytime you're playing against a tempo offense, you're going to get a little tired. But, for the most part, I felt good.

On the adjustments he'll have to make:
Its going to take some time, and something I'll have to adjust and work on and I look forward to the challenge.

On if he noticed Nevada running away from him:
Yeah, I think they game planned around me, I don't know if that's true or not, but it's just something I'll have to deal with.

On if he liked running down Nevada since they ran away from him:
Whatever they do, I'm going to try and make the play.

On struggling against the zone read early:
I just think everyone follows the ball a little too much. We have a group of guys assigned to the quarterback so guys just need to do their job, not slide out and I think we did a much better job in the second half than the first half. I think we were exploited a little bit and they had some success with the zone read. I know Nebraska runs a little of that and we might see some of that from them.

On what adjustments he thinks they need to make:
I think we just have to start faster defensively and respond better after our offense scores.

On if he likes the bye week:
I would like to play this week. For some people it kind of takes away from the practice mentality when you know you don't have a game coming up. And we have to keep our focus when we know there is nothing at the end of the tunnel this week.

On if he sees the young guys continue to contribute:
Absolutely. I think they're fresh young bodies and they can get in there and help us in the long run.

On if he'll need to take more of a leadership role with the youth:
I think they may get a little jitters, or rattled in the first quarter, so we just have to play team defense and team offense and we'll be alright.

On looking different in the second half:
I think Fajardo hurt us with his legs in the first half, so we made it a point of emphasis, when we were rushing to make him throw the ball. Don't just get to the quarterback, make him pass it because he's not as effective throwing the ball.

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