UCLA's Opponents' Results: Week 1

A BRO poster does great work in reviewing how UCLA's 2013 opponents did last weekend...

UCLA Opponents Season Results (Overall 7-3)

Nevada (0-1) Lost to # 21 UCLA (1-0). Next game is against NR UC Davis at home on, "Chris Ault Night."

Nebraska (1-0) Beat Wyoming (0-1). Going on statistics from 2012, Wyoming went into the game with a rushing attack that ranked # 99 in the nation, averaging 125 YPG and 3.41 YPC. Nebraska rush defense was ranked # 90, giving up 192 YPG and 4.76 YPC. For the game, Wyoming went off for 219 yards on 30 carries, for a 7.3 YPC average. Additionally, Wyoming's QB Brett Smith threw for 383 yards – going 29 of 43. He threw for 4 TD's and had 1 int.

QB Taylor Martinez went 17 of 22 for 155 yards, 3 TDs and 1 int (QBR of 63.5). He also ran for 80 yards on 16 carries (5.0 YPC). Nebraska's stud RB Ameer Abdullah ran for 114 yards on 19 carries. Overall, Nebraska ran the ball 63 times for 375 yards, a 6.0 YPC average.

Next game is against NR Southern Mississippi (0-1), who lost to Texas State at home for their 13th consecutive loss. Their last win was the 2011 Holiday Bowl. They have a new coach, Todd Monken. They held Texas State to only 215 total yards, but trailed for most of the game. Southern Miss took their only lead at 15-14 with 5:43 left in the game, but then gave up a 75 yard drive culminating in a 17 yard TD run with 2:54 left.

New Mexico State (0-1) Lost to # 15 Texas (1-0), 56-7, giving up 715 total yards. Texas ran for 359 yards on 42 carries, an 8.5 YPC average. Texas' QB Ash threw for 343 yards on 20-28 passing, 4 TD's and 2 int's. Texas allowed ZERO sacks and ZERO tackles for loss in this game.

NM State's QB McDonald threw for 242 yards on 32-46 passing, with 1 TD and 1 int. His favorite receiver was Joshua Bowen, who caught 8 passes for 83 yards and a TD.

In the, "Meaningless stat" category, the time of possession for this game was very lop-sided for NM State. NM State had the ball for 36:12 vs. 23:48 for Texas.

Next game is at home against NR Minnesota (1-0), who beat UNLV at home 51-23. This after being outgained 419 yards to 320. Minnesota gained only 99 yards on 10 of 23 passing. A side note: Jerry Rice Jr. played for UNLV, catching 6 passes for 35 yards.

Utah (1-0) Beat NR Utah State (0-1) 30-26. This was a very close game, with both teams gaining a lot of yards – 450 for Utah, 487 for Utah State. Utah gained 3.4 YPC in the game. Utah gave up 3 sacks when throwing the ball. They were 17-28 for 302 yards, with 2 TD's and no int's. They were aggressive throwing the ball down the field.

Next game is against NR Weber State (1-0) at home. Weber State beat Stephen A. Austin (0-1) at home, 50-40.

California (0-1) Lost to NR Northwestern (1-0), 44-30. Against Northwestern, Cal lost any sense of balance offensively, gaining 93 yards rushing on 2.7 YPC average, against 39-64 passing for 455 yards, 3 TD's and 3 int's. They gave up quite a few TFL, and 4 sacks.

Defensively, against a much more balanced Northwestern offense, they gave up 209 yards rushing on 5.2 YPC average, and 299 yards on 19-30 passing – with 1 TD and 2 int's.

No surprise that Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper were their "go to" receivers. Treggs caught 13 passes for 145 yards, and Harper caught 11 passes for 151 yards and 2 TD's.

Next game is at home against Portland State (1-0), who beat Eastern Oregon University (0-1) 57-17.

Stanford (0-0) First game is at home against San Jose State (1-0), who beat Sacramento State (0-1) 24-0. This could be an interesting game. Stanford should win, and easily I think, but they only beat SJ State 20-17 at home last year. SJ State went 11-2 losing to Utah State as well. But they beat SD State, BYU and Navy last year.

Oregon (1-0) Beat NR Nicholls (0-1) at home 66-3. Obviously a lop-sided affair.

Next game is at Virginia (1-0), who beat BYU (0-1) 19-16. In that game, they won even though they were out-gained 362 to 223. The only issue with this game for Oregon is for them to remain healthy, as they come back home the following week to play an SEC team, Tennessee (1-0), who beat Austin Peay (0-1) to start off their season.

Colorado (1-0) Beat NR Colorado State (0-1) at Colorado State 41-27 in a competitive game. They held Colorado State to 295 total yards, while gaining 513 themselves. Colorado looked like a Pac-12 team in the game. Good energy, confidence, and they competed well for the entire game. These are not the Embree Buffaloes anymore.

Next game is at home against Central Arkansas (1-0), who beat (are you ready for this team's name?) the University of the Incarnate Word (0-1) 58-7.

Arizona (1-0) Beat Northern Arizona (0-1) at home 35-0. Arizona did not give up a sack and had only 1 TFL against them. They ran well, gaining 306 yards on 34 carries, a 9.0 YPC average. Maybe their success dictated their strategy, but they were not very balanced offensively, only throwing the ball 13 times for 87 yards.

Their next game is against UNLV (0-1) in Vegas, so I do not think the lack of offensive balance was to avoid showing anything to UNLV.

Washington (1-0) Beat Boise State (0-1) at home in their brand new Husky stadium 38-6. Washington's offense was fairly balanced and effective against BSU, gaining 268 rushing – 5.0 YPC average, and 324 passing, going 23-31.

Defensively, it appears that Washington's pass defense was effective. Even though BSU threw the ball efficiently by being 29-46, they only gained 175 yards in the air – so Washington did a good job keeping the ball in front of them. The one worry for Washington is rushing the passer, for even though BSU threw the ball 46 times, Washington had no sacks in the game.

Next game is a week from Saturday at Illinois (1-0), who beat Southern Illinois (0-1) at home 42-34.

Arizona State (0-0) First game is at home against Sacramento State (0-1) who lost their opener to San Jose State 24-0.

USC (1-0) Beat Hawaii (0-1) at Hawaii 30-13. As much as I hate $uc, they did play a good game defensively against the rush, giving up only 23 yards on 31 carries. It was against Hawaii, but still….

Their next game is at home against Washington State (0-1) and the Pirate. WSU lost at Auburn (1-0) in a competitive game 31-24. WSU out-gained Auburn 464 to 396 in total yards. Auburn ran well against WSU, gaining 297 yards on 6.6 YPC average. But WSU also ran decently against Auburn, gaining 120 on a 5.2 YPC average. WSU gave up 2 sacks, which isn't bad considering they were 35 of 65 throwing the ball for 344 yards.

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