VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Jim Mora talks about the upcoming recruiting weekend, how easy it will be to sell 58-20, and the value of the early bye week...

Jim Mora on Thursday:

Opening statement:
A good three days of work. Like we've said the last two days, we've gotten great work on the fundamentals of football and a little look at Nebraska. I'm very pleased with that. Now we're going to take three days and let these guys kind of recover. A few of them will go home, probably go to some high school games. The coaches will go out and recruit. And then we'll be back at it Monday and then Monday is full speed on Nebraska. Just a really productive week for us, I thought. I've been asked a lot about having a bye this early, and I really think, sincerely, it was a good thing for us. I'm looking forward to a couple days off here and then getting back at it.

On if all the coaches will be out recruiting:
Pretty much everyone will be at a game somewhere, either tonight, tomorrow night or Saturday night. So we will be able to get out and see some pretty good players and make our presence felt a little bit. It will be fun. It also gives us a chance to see our own kids play, my kids play two games Saturday morning, so we'll watch those games and it's just a good thing for us.

On Spaulding Field:
As you guys can see, they're already starting to replace the field and tearing up the grass. The grass got a fungus this summer, so it had already turned to sand in the field. To me, another indicator of Dan making a commitment to football, he's bringing sod in here from Texas to lay it down this weekend and it will be ready to go on Monday. They're going to work through the night. I think it's just another good sign of the way things are going here, and I'm excited about that.

On if recruiting will be easier coming on the heels of the Nevada win:
I think it's certainly better than the alternative. We kind of got on the radar a little bit last year and then this year, when you start out like that, people take notice, especially skill players. They see 58 points up there and say 'hey how'd they get that. When you rush for over 300 yards and pass for whatever we did, almost 300, you really get excited about that, so yeah, it does help. And it's something we work hard at and we're excited to get out there and see some guys.

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