VIDEO: Ortiz on First Game

Jalen Ortiz talks about switching to slot receiver from running back and how it felt to catch his first college pass...

Jalen Ortiz on switching to receiver:

On getting his first college catch:
It was a great experience. The play before, Devin had a touchdown and it got called back, so I came in for him and then ended up getting my first catch on the play.

On if he expected to play as a true freshman:
That's what my goals were. If you're coming in here thinking you're going to have to redshirt, then that's not the right mindset. You have to go in and compete with the best and see if the playing time lines up.

On his position:
As far as I know, all I know is the slot. In high school I just played running back, so switching to the slot wasn't that bad. I have a great coach in Coach Yarber and then Devin is like a big brother to me and he's helped me a lot too.

On catching the ball out of the backfield:
I still did it a lot. I still came out of the backfield a lot, I just didn't line up as a receiver outside.

On the biggest adjustment's he's made:
Just lining up outside and they've all learned these little techniques from playing receiver for so long so I just have to learn from them.

On the difference's between the two positions:
Either way you have to get off fast, and I just have to use my speed because that's one of my biggest weapons. I try to use my speed as much as possible.

On his learning curve with the offense:
From the very beginning. I pride myself on my smarts and trying to get in my playbook as much as possible so it clicked pretty early for me.

On how much he likes the offense:
It's exciting stuff and a great offense to play in.

On being recruited as a slot:
They told me from the beginning they wanted me to play the F position in the slot so I knew that from the beginning.

On if that attracted him to the offense:
I mean, it didn't really matter to me what position I played, I didn't pick a school based on if they wanted me at corner, running back or slot, I picked a school based on the school and not the position.

On playing with Devin Fuller:
Like I said, he's like a big brother, he helps me with everything and is a good person to learn from.

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