VIDEO: Hollins Talks About PT

True freshman linebacker Deon Hollins said he was surprised but happy he played so much against Nevada and that he played more like a defensive end...

Deon Hollins talked to us after practice this week.

On getting to play in his first game:
44 plays. Out of 90-something (plays). It was a very humbling experience, just a freshman out there. I was getting valuable experience. My head was swimming at first but I got it under control.

On if he was keeping track of his snaps:
I wasn't keeping track too much. I didn't know the specifics. But I'm very thankful for the opportunity.

On if practice helped with the tempo:
I think the practices were extremely important in terms of preparing us for the game. I think without the tempo, I would have been lost. I'm very thankful for the tempo, it prepared us tremendously.

On if it was everything he dreamed of:
I didn't think I was going to do as bad as I did. But, it was real fun. It was college football.

On why he thought he did bad:
I missed a couple calls that I had no business missing. Things like that. It's mostly mental on this level. When people tell you about it, you kind of think about it, but you're not really sure because you don't have any experience. I think I missed it like twice, once or twice. Just on those minor things, just prepare for them.

On what the coaches told the defense:
It's going to be real important, in terms of our next game, we've had a lot of time to prepare and we played sort of a similar type of quarterback, rushing lanes, things like that, sweeping up the corners.

On if Cody Fajardo prepared them for Taylor Martinez:
Yeah, because he was a Heisman hopeful, preseason, it's clear he has a tremendous amount of talent, so him just preparing, looking at film, small things, it will be real beneficial to us.

On preparing for Martinez:
It's going to be really important, mostly keeping him contained, keeping a solid pocket around him, having him beat us with his arm. We feel really confident in that game plan.

On if he felt like he tried to do too much against Nevada:
I made of my fair share of mistakes. I think it was first game jitters for a lot of us. But now, second game, we're going to be more comfortable in it.

On playing with leverage and speed:
Leverage is one of the big things that coach talks about. You can even ask some of our own offensive linemen, that if a guy is short under you, so I try to work on that.

On if he envisioned playing this much:
To be perfectly honest, I thought I was just going to get in a couple of games throughout the year. Maybe 44 plays the whole year, to be perfectly honest.

On playing on the road:
It's going to be a very hostile environment. I think the main thing is just keeping our keys. All the outside factors are going to be chipping in, but I think we should just hunker down and do what we've been coached to do.

On the biggest crowd he played in front of in Texas:
About 12,000. It's going to be crazy (at Nebraska). I saw a photo in a magazine and I was just astounded. It's going to be real surreal to look at it.

On if he thinks he'll be overwhelmed:
I hope not. I'm going to prepare my best, and try to limit what I did bad from the last game. I hope not.

On if his family will be at Nebraska:
Yes sir. I try not to think about it. A lot of times my parents will pop up to a game because they don't want me to think about it, my freshman year.

On talking with his dad after the first game:
He tries not to bother me too much, he tries to let me enjoy my college experience and think like a man. But I call him all the time, my mom as well. I try to keep in touch with them, see what kind of feedback they have, especially my dad. He's a real football guru, any small things or advice, I try to take it to heart.

On if he expected to put his hand down against Nevada:
No. In the week, I practiced standing up a whole lot. And that's what I also worked on. Coach Brick, it's a grey area a lot of times. He's a very unique coach and he lets us do a lot of what we're comfortable in. If I feel like I need to get a quick step, I'll typically get in a three-point stance.

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