Who's Better? Town vs. Rosen

Greg Biggins breaks down the relative merits of the top two quarterbacks in the 2014 class, Josh Rosen and Ricky Town...

Ricky Town and Josh Rosen are ranked No. 1 and 2 for quarterbacks in the 2015 class as well as the top two players in the loaded West Coast class. Town got the early nod as the nation's top signal caller and is ranked No. 10 nationally while Rosen checks in just a few spots lower at No. 14. It's literally a coin toss between the two and watching them over the weekend, it's interesting how two pro-style quarterbacks could actually be so different in just about every way.

Both signal callers are similar size wise, about 6-3.5-6-4 and close to 200 pounds, although Rosen has a more muscular build. You can tell Rosen spends a lot of time in the weight room and put on a solid 20 pounds in the off-season. Town has a more slender build, narrow shouldered, but he's filling out as well and both are built to take a hit and withstand it.

Rosen has a lot more talent around him and that's not a knock at all on St. Bonny, this year's Bosco team is one of the most loaded in recent memory. He has a better offensive line and more speed and game breakers to throw to. Town does have some weapons but against a tough Corona (Calif.) Centennial team, he was harassed and hurried quite a bit and didn't always have time to set his feet.

Town is under center the majority of the time and is a perfect fit for what Alabama likes to do whereas Rosen plays out of the shotgun in a spread type offense. Rosen is more of a running threat and the better athlete of the two. Not only can he scramble away from pressure, he's a legitimate threat to run the ball on designed read-option plays.

Town may not be as mobile as Rosen, but his pocket presence and overall poise is unmatched. He never looks rattled no matter how much pressure is coming at him. He has great feet and can make that first guy miss, keep his head downfield and then fire a strike.

Town is an improving athlete and will run when he has to but he really excels at buying time with his legs and can find his 3rd and 4th options when most H.S quarterbacks are lucky if they can get to their 2nd read. Poise and decision making are the two areas that Town has an edge on Rosen. The game looks slow for him and he never forces anything.

Rosen has a physical advantage on Town right now. We mentioned he's the better athlete and he also has a stronger arm. That's not to say Town lacks arm strength because he can definitely bring it, but Rosen has NFL arm strength right now and the ball explodes out of his hand.

Rosen can effortlessly throw the ball 40 and 50 yards down the field and throw the deep outs without having to muscle up or lengthen his release. His mechanics are about as good as you'll see at the H.S level with a quick, tight release and he throws one of the tightest balls you'll see as well.

It's important to note that Town has a plus arm as well. Often times when you say one quarterback has a stronger arm than another, people want to assume that means the other quarterback lacks arm strength. Town isn't asked to throw the ball down field as much as Rosen but he can make every throw and his release might be the quickest in the region.

Town throws the touch pass extremely well and his timing and anticipation is another thing that makes him special. He's able to scan the field and read the defense so quickly, that he can get the ball out early, before his receivers are even out of their breaks. It looks like Town is asked to do more than Rosen in terms of going through his progressions.

Even in 7 on 7 play, you'll routinely see Town move his eyes from one side of the field all the way to the other whereas it looks like Rosen is just asked to read one half of the field. Of course that could also be a result of Bosco's receivers being so good, his first or second read are usually always open so he doesn't ever have to go from one side of the field to the other.

The quarterback's demeanors and overall personalities couldn't be more different as well. Rosen is more of an extrovert and outgoing whereas Town is quiet and doesn't show much emotion. Rosen sometimes gets a bad rap for his body language and may appear almost smug at times but he's a very respected leader and his teammates, to a man, all say they love playing with him.

Both are very competitive and that's evident in how they play and how they respond to adversity. They both want the ball late in a game and have the composure to manage a late two-minute drill and do it effectively.

As for who projects better at the next level, as we said earlier, it's a coin toss right now. Rosen might have a few better physical tools but Town has the intangibles. Rosen has the arm talent to get the ball anywhere on the field in a blur but Town has the ability to read the play a little sooner and get the ball there just as quick. It's definitely a fun debate and we won't be surprised if it's an ongoing debate four of five years from now when both are lighting up the scoreboard at the college level.

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