VIDEO: Hundley on Nebraska Win

Quarterback Brett Hundley talked about being too jacked up in the first half and how he and the offense settled down...

Bret Hundley answered questions after the Nebraska game.

On how he started the game:
I think in the first half, there were so much emotions. I'm not going to lie. We had a lot of emotions going into the game. There were a lot of things adding up to it. Then after the first half, things slowed down and we just got back to playing football and came out with the win.

On the emotions going through the team:
Just knowing this game, what just happened with the passing of a teammate, just trying to win the game for him. This game is bigger than us. We understand if we play for more than just UCLA, for the fans and everybody and families, people put lives at stake for this great game we're blessed to play. We have to understand that we're playing for more than just ourselves.

On his play to avoid the sack and then pick up the first down:
After a while, you just have to make a play. That was the first play that got me back in the offense, in a rhythm and comfort. The legs got loose and then everything else just took care of itself.

On things he tried to change up:
There really wasn't too much change up. We knew that, the first half we killed ourselves and that's something, there were so much emotions. And I feel like, after that first half, I calmed down, personally, and after that first touchdown, everyone calmed down and sort of relaxed and we got back to playing football.

On the opening drive in the second half:
Its a big thing for this offense. We're a fast paced offense and when we get rolling its hard to stop. This offense is made to put people in 1on1 situations, so if you miss a tackle, that's when we're going to get the big yards. That's what we thrive off, make them miss.

On the Pasquale family visiting the team:
This game is bigger than the team. We sort of saw that when they came to talk to us. Pasquale put his life on the line for this. He worked so hard on and off the field. He was a great young man. We understand that. It took a lot for his parents to come talk to us and it hit home with us. We just came out and won the game.

On Mora telling the team to just relax:
I feel like once we scored the first touchdown and went into the half, that's when we sort of took a deep breath and relaxed. At the end of the day, you just have to have fun with it and not get too hyped up, no matter what's going on.

On going for a field goal to end the half:
We knew from the beginning of the game, even after all the mistakes from the first half, that we could move the ball once we started getting on our rhythm and tempo. At the half we just wanted to get points on the board and get it going from there.

On what made Nick Pasquale impact the team so much:
You realize that Nick didn't get all the playing time he wanted, but he worked so hard at it to get on the field and I think it shows a lot when a man can come out there every day, and the starters are sort of sitting there, like ah man, another day, another practice, and he came out, strapped up and ready to go. It's not if he knew he was going to get all the playing time in the world that he wanted. But he liked the game that much and the Bruins, his family just thrived for this football team and we understood that. He loved this team so much and he loves these brothers so much that he was willing to come out every day, no matter if he was going to get a snap or no snaps, just come out every day in practice and ball out.

On the field goal coming off the board:
We missed the field goal and it sort of just happened. Once halftime was over, we came in, took a deep breath, and had some over.

On if the game was a signature game for UCLA:
I think it was. These are the games you remember. When you want to leave legacies, this is how it starts. To be down 21-3, in Lincoln, Nebraska, in front of 91,000 people and win 41-21, is an epic thing. It's a blessing to be out here playing this game, but this is one we'll always remember.

On if he was too wound up early:
The first half, there were a lot of emotions, but the second half, that's when I calmed down and started playing. I just took a deep breath.

On the quick scoring drives in the second half:
We were moving fast. That's how the offense is supposed to be. I feel like once we get our rhythm and tempo, that's how we'll move, we'll move it fast. When we move at a fast tempo, we're moving and grooving.

On what was wrong with the tempo:
We just, there were just a lot of things. Communication, we had to switch to the point instead of going on cadence, because it was a loud crowd. There were a lot of things. But after that we got our groove back and started playing.

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