VIDEO: Su'a-Filo On the OL

Xavier Su'a-Filo talked about the performance of the offensive line against Nebraska...

Xavier Su'a-Filo talked to us after Nebraska.

On Nebraska:
Starting off, hats off to Nebraska. They started out very well and came ready to play. I think for us, from a mental standpoint, some guys were just a little emotional for one reason or another, thinking about little things. Once we got under control, calmed down and relaxed, we were able to run the offense the way it's supposed to run.

On if it was a lack of focus:
I'm not sure. I couldn't tell you. I know we were trying to be focused on offense. It just took us a little while to get started. Next week we need to start a little faster.

On emotions before the game:
I think what was at stake, what it meant to us and for the Pasquale family. It was very important for us to come out and make a statement. The emotion before the game was very incredible- on the field and off the field.

On if they could notice a change in emotion in the second quarter:
Yeah, definitely. I think in the first half we were done, but I didn't notice people being 'ah man, we're down, we're losing'. It was people just knowing that we had to pick it up, come together. Hats off to our defense who kept us in it, the first half, we were struggling to help them out, but I think they did a good job in the first half and the rest of the game, containing Taylor Martinez as best as they could because he's a fantastic athlete.

On if they thought Nebraska was wearing down:
Maybe a little. They didn't have a whole lot of time to sub, especially from the defensive line standpoint. We would run tempos, and sometimes we would catch them before they could get the calls in and I'm sure that added to our success.

On if there was an effort to improve the tempo in the second half:
No doubt. That's why our coaches are emphasizing to Brett and the offensive line and Brett told us we had to pick it up and it will start with us, because no one could get set until we're set and we need to get the plays in fast and we really tried to concentrate on that.

On if they noticed the improvement as the tempo improved:
Yeah, it's true that when we get this tempo going in our offense, when we get into a rhythm where we can roll through and know what we're doing, it just helps us better. I kind of actually think it as an offensive line, it's easier for us to get to our assignments because we're used to our tempo.

On if the offense is getting easier:
We beat a good team today and I think we're excited for 2-0, but what we really need to do is put it altogether, but like I said, hats off to our defense for keeping us in this.

On how Alex Redmond is doing:
He's doing fine. I have to watch the film, because I'm more worried about Simon and Jake Brendel, helping them on my side and them helping me. But it sounds like Alex is doing pretty good over there. We'll have to see.

On if he's helping Alex:
No doubt. We try to help the young guys as much as we can. The better he does, the better we do as a unit. After film and after study, we have some more. It's been really good.

On what the difference was in the second half:
In the second half, I just think, we got our rhythm going and our tempo and the way Nebraska's defense was playing us was a little different than what we expected and we just needed to make sure we got it. I think the biggest difference was execution and having to execute and having Brett and the running backs to trust us.

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