VIDEO: Jefferson on Nebraska

The veteran defensive back, Anthony Jefferson, talked about the poignancy of the game because of Nick Pasquale...

Anthony Jefferson spoke to us after the Nebraska game.

Opening Statement:

On how hard the week was:
We all knew that this was a big game coming in. We had two weeks to prepare for it. We all knew it was a pretty big game. I think we really game planned well, offensively and defensively, and I think it paid off today.

On the emotions in the locker room before the game:
Yeah, it was a tough week, as you all know. A lot of emotions were running high. As the second half approached, we all kind of got it together, collectively and I think we all just settled down and let the game come to us in the second half.

On if they tried to do too much against Nebraska's offense:
I think it was just Nebraska had a good momentum in the first half, they had a couple of scores off of turnovers and that was a big part and them scoring and getting up early. But we came together as a team and it worked out.

On what the Pasquale family shared with them:
His dad is a very strong man. He told us to just play for Nick and play hard and to honor his son. The way he played football, he was a tough guy and never quit. He never asked any questions. I think this was a huge win to honor him and his family and win at Nebraska.

On how Nebraska honored Nick:
That was very touching. That kind of got to my heart personally because I was pretty close to him. I think the way we played was a great demonstration of Nick Pasquale as a player and as a man.

On the defensive scheme changing:
We made a few adjustments, but for the most part, what we needed to do was just calm down, and play Bruin football the way that we did. The second half, we came out fast and scored a couple of touchdowns. We just played football the way we know how to play football.

On if they just needed to settle down:
Yeah, that was the biggest thing. I think we just needed to settle down. We were kind of riled up about everything going on. The second half we came out fast and we finally got into what we know. That's playing fast and up tempo and I think that worked out well.

On the early secondary miscues:
We got beat on a few plays, but we did tighten it down in the second half. I think our corners played phenomenal. Also Randall played great too. There is still a lot of work to do but it was a great learning experience.

On going against the Nebraska receivers:
We go against some of the best receivers every day and those are our receivers. I think coming into the game, practicing against those guys, prepared us for their receivers. I give all credit to those guys, they played a great game, but I think in the second half, we tightened it down and kind of were seeing what they were doing, feel them out as players and I think it worked out well and we tightened them down a lot.

On trying to take certain parts of Nebraska's offense away:
You can't stop everything and coming in to the game we knew they were a quick pass team. We tried to make defenses and coverages to defend that but as you know, they're going to get some throws, they're going to get some passes. What we had to do was make our tackles and I think we did that really well, better in the second half than the first half.

On going to San Clemente:
I think it's going to be touching, I think it's going to be emotional and I think it's going to be great for the family, that we're all his brothers and we're all going to come to support him.

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