VIDEO: Barr on His Play

Star linebacker Anthony Barr took questions from the media after the Nebraska game, talking about his play throughout the day...

Anthony Barr answered questions after the win over Nebraska.

On Taylor Martinez being the focal point of the defense:
Absolutely, when you have a quarterback that hurts you, he's done pretty well for himself in his career at Nebraska, so he was definitely the focal point, keep him contained, don't let him scramble, don't let him get out of the pocket, don't let him hurt you on 3rd down and long. Our goal was to keep him from doing that.

On if they flustered Martinez:
I'm not sure if he got flustered, I can't speak for him. We were just confident that we'd pressure him and keep our responsibilities.

On if they made any changes:
We didn't change our defense one bit.

On if the defense was tight early:
We got that one drive, I think 93-yards, but the other two touchdowns they got the ball at our 25-yard line, so we were put in tough positions, but we have to do better and force field goals instead of touchdowns. As the game went on, we had the confidence and did better.

On if he felt he transitioned better as the game went on:

On the balloons for Nick Pasquale:
It was tough man, that was my guy. That's our guy. He has so much heart, so much soul and we respected him so much. The family, you just feel for them and just want to be there for them as much as possible. We kind of just went out and played with his spirit today.

On what the Pasquale family said to them before they left:
Just go win.

On the emotions in the locker room before the game:
It was tough. A close friend passes, that's not easy for anybody. It's just important that we stuck together and then we told each other, I'm here for you, if you need somebody to talk to, we got you. Especially his family. We want to be there for them and we're going to go up there tomorrow, as a team, we'll go to the service and I'm not sure that will be easy, but you just keep moving forward.

On if it was fitting they had to show resolve:
I don't think he would have had it any other way. If he was here, he'd just be going crazy on the sideline. We miss him.

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