VIDEO: Graham on Defense

Defensive end Keenan Graham talked about how the defense performed against Nebraska Saturday...

Senior defensive end Keenan Graham, who is tied for the most sacks per game in the nation, talked after the Nebraska game.

On Taylor Martinez:
When he gets out of the pocket, he's very dangerous. We made it a point to make sure we contained him. He made his plays, but what we wanted to do was come back as a defense after a big play and say 'line up, lets play again.'

On blitzing:
We didn't blitz very much but we wanted to make sure we contained Martinez. That was a big thing for us with him being a good athletic quarterback, and I thought we did a good job of it in the second half.

On the defense getting going:
It felt great. We got a rhythm going on offense and defense. We came out in the second half and said as a defense, we didn't want them score. We went out and did that and had a second half shutout, and everyone did their part.

On the coaches just saying to take a breath:
We definitely took that breath. Nebraska is a great team and we just felt like we didn't play up to our par in the first half. We definitely came up in the second half, regrouped, and played like we know we can play.

On if he imagined this season would go like it has so far:
You know, I just worked hard in the offseason. God gets all the glory. I just prayed on it, was working hard, and right now I have three sacks and we're playing hard as a defense, so I'm very excited about that. The whole defense is pumped up and I felt like we had a great team effort today.

On the early touchdowns coming off turnovers:
That's the beautiful thing, everyone on the defense, everyone on the team, no one panicked on the sidelines. Everyone was like 'ok, we made a few mistakes.' We went in at halftime, corrected them, but there was never a feeling like we had lost the game. Everyone felt confident and we knew if came out and played like we can play, we'd win the game.

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