VIDEO: Jack Surprised by Playing Time

The true freshman linebacker, Myles Jack, talked after the Nebraska game about his performance...

Myles Jack answered questions after the Nebraska game.

On containing the edges:
That was pretty much the plan. We just focused on not rushing past the quarterback and focusing on letting him throw and just seeing what our secondary and linebackers could do against it, so that was the plan.

On defending Martinez differently:
For sure, we had to respect his legs at all cost, that was the plan.

On how much the game plan was towards stopping Martinez:
He was our main focus. Give credit to their running back, they have an outstanding running back, but if you could somewhat contain Martinez, that will change the outlook of the game. Pretty much, we focus on Martinez, keeping him in the pocket, not allowing him to get the third down runs, where he's back and then he scrambles and gets the first down and keeps the drive going, so that was pretty much our main focus.

On Martinez having to pass more than run:
We had to focus on getting our blitz home. It was kind of a win-lose. We wanted him to throw, but then when he was kind of dicing us up a little bit, we had to get our blitzes there and allow him to get outside the pocket and look for receivers and have him throw it on the run. It's kind of a win-lose with him, but we came up and we won. So it was a good game.

On the emotions of the week and playing his first road game
It was an emotional week for the team just with the loss of Nick. It was a hectic week. Just trying to transition and use football to honor him. It was a hectic week and then coming into this environment with 91,000, their 330th, something like that, consecutive sellout, so for me, it was a hectic environment, especially when they were up on us 21-3. That was crazy, but I just looked to my seniors and they kept me composed and we won the game.

On if he was surprised he played so much:
I'm just happy the coaches have trust in me in that type of environment, so yes and no.

On the locker room before the game:
Before the game we were hyped. A lot of emotions going on. We focused on controlling them but we were very hyped before the game.

On if he realizes high expectations:
They will be. We only get 24 hours to celebrate a win like this so we just keep it moving. We have plenty more games down the road.

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