VIDEO: Goodman on Tweet

Tahaan Goodman talks about the semi-controversial tweet from earlier in the week, how difficult the transition has been to college, and what transpired in the conversation with coach Mora...

Tahaan Goodman talks about his twitter post:

On his conversation with Jim Mora after his tweet:
I talked to him and it went fine. Everything went good, everything was great. We had a good talk.

On if it was frustration:
It was, but I had a talk with the coach and just got some confidence and had a great talk.

On what Mora said:
Everything was fine, and he was just telling me to keep up with my work and be patient.

On how hard it's been:
It's frustrating to me, just as a competitor. But I'm doing a lot of learning and just being patient and trying to enjoy it.

On if he tried to diffuse it:
It was blowing up a lot on twitter and I didn't really mean it to be anything negative towards the team and I just wanted to talk to him and make sure that everything was fine and just have a talk with him.

On if it was a reminder to be careful what's tweeted:
Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Anything you put on there.

On if he talked with his teammates about it:
I talked to my teammates just about being out here and working hard, that's all.

On if he's used twitter to vent his emotions previously:
Not really. I don't really use twitter that much.

On his development this season:
I've been studying and understanding the defense a lot more.

On what's been the most difficult thing to learn:
Learning the coverages and the tempo was pretty hard, but I'll get it.

On if the transition has been hard:
Yeah, it has been a little harder than I expected. But as long as I'm patient, have a good mindset, and keep coming out here and working hard, I'll be fine.

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