VIDEO: Redmond on First Two Games

Offensive lineman Alex Redmond talks about essentially earning MVP honors in his first two games, his growing comfort with offensive line coach Adrian Klemm, and how he works to keep his ego in check...

Alex Redmond on his first two games:

On standing out early:
It feels really good. I just say I'm blessed out there to be out there and playing with the teammates I have. I do so well because of the guys around me, so I can't take the whole credit, but it feels good.

On if the holes were still big enough for Adrian Klemm to run through:
A couple of them, but not as much as before. They were a good team. I did my best and it worked out.

On the biggest difference from high school to college:
The guys are a lot bigger and stronger and we're all the same size out there. They come a lot harder and the game speed is a little faster, but it wasn't dramatic for me. But I could definitely feel the difference. Playing in front of a ton of people is a lot funner and a lot funner than high school football.

On playing in front of the Nebraska crowd:
It was loud and seeing seas of red everywhere, just clapping and cheering. When they scored, it was deafening, just deafening. When they scored, everyone started screaming. But they're real hospitable, real nice people and I met a couple of them at Cabela's down there and they're real nice people.

On his relationship with Adrian Klemm:
I was always kind of scared of him and always a little timid around him because his personality swings. I love him, he's a great coach for me, he gets me going and he puts me in the right direction. If I don't do well, he's going to make sure I do my job. He really gets after me and I appreciate it.

On his own mean streak:
I have so many things to work on, just the mental part, I feel is getting there. Being mean is a big part of how I like to play and becoming a player that likes to dominate. But I still need to progress in that area as well.

On how wrestling has helped him:
When you're wrestling, it's a one-on-one battle, which is a little different than having five guys that you're working with but there is a lot of individual battles when you're in pass protection or base blocks on your guy. It kind of gives you the mental aspect of 'it's just me and him now, I have to beat him up, I have to move him, I have to do my job better than he is.' It prepared me a lot and I wrestled in front of a lot of people so the people didn't shake me up that much in Nebraska. It didn't really affect me, but it was fun playing against them.

On the slow start against Nebraska:
I can't tell you what that was. I don't know if it was just we were tight, we were trying to do too much, trying to do our job and then some which was creating problems for us. But we got it going and we got the boulder rolling and started banging.

On if he ever thought he'd start as a true freshman:
I did. In my wildest dreams, I did. That was the plan coming out of high school. I wanted to come out and start and I've been blessed to do so.

On if he's having to keep his ego in check:
Sometimes, I would say. Sometimes, I walk around the locker room, like 'yeah, what's up guys.' I think I'm pretty bad some times. But playing with a good group just humbles me. When we're out there playing in a game, I guess the cockiness goes out the window, you have to do your job, play your game. I have to say, I'm pretty humble in retrospect.

On how good the offensive line can be:
I think we can be one of the top offensive lines in the nation, if not the best.

On what Klemm brings to the table:
Just eagerness. You need to do your job, and you need to learn how to do your job if you don't. If not, he will get on you. He will make you want to learn your job. Playing under him, he wants you to play mean, and he wants you to play nasty. If you're not finishing guys, and you're not coming off the ball hard, and not firing off dudes and throwing them down, he's real keen about you being mean, so it kind of makes us a nastier group playing under him.

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