VIDEO: Brendel Talks OL Improvement

Offensive lineman Jake Brendel talks about the development of the interior of UCLA's offensive line and whether he feels the group, as a whole, is improved from last year...

Jake Brendel on offensive line improvement:

On the offensive line through two games:
We feel pretty good. We of course have things to work on, things we didn't do so well or things that we need to get better at. But as a group, I think we've done a pretty good job.

On the OL's production:
We take a lot of pride with what we do in the run game. What we do is a direct correlation of that and it's kind of our way of measuring up and just being recognized as an offensive line. We just need to make sure we keep that up and going during the season.

On the interior line gelling as a unit:
We do a lot of stuff off the field. Some football, some stuff not football, just to get to know each other, and to get that cohesion down. So we know who we're playing next to and making sure that everyone can be on the same page. And everyone knows the person they're playing next to.

On some of those activities:
Dinners, we'll go down to Westwood and pig out on some pizza.

On Alex Redmond:
He's a really big strong guy. And he's one of the most coachable guys I've ever seen, especially at his age. His mind, the way that he plays, is really moldable, which I like. He's open to just everyone just giving him tricks and tips, just making sure that he can be the best he can be by taking other people's advice.

On teams not blitzing as much this season:
Easing into the pressures and easing into the blitzes is good for him, because that's the confusing stuff with linemen. Just making sure we pick up the guys we have to pick up. And when the defense moves around a little but, people sometimes freak out a little bit. Us four, plus Redmond a little bit, we really need to be on the same page, and he needs to play catch-up and be on our page and the same level. If we're successful against our defense, we'll be successful against everyone else.

On Brett Hundley's sacks:
Every sack, I think reflects the offensive line, it doesn't matter what the circumstances are. If you look at the sacks, it just says sacks. It doesn't explain how. We get on Brett a couple times, but at the same, we all need to be a team, and all need to work together and make sure. If he needs to take a sack, then take a sack, if it's the right thing for the team.

On only giving up three sacks so far:
It's a lot better than last year, so I feel better about that number. But I want it to be zero. And I really believe we can get it down to zero. Making sure that everyone is on the same team and we prepared and we see all blitzes that they bring. Of course there are going to be unscouted looks but at the same time, I have confidence in the guys next to me that they'll pick up and they'll know what's going on.

On if he feels the line has improved since last year:
I think the people that were here have definitely improved. But as a group, we're always going to have to get better. I'm never going to be satisfied with where we're at.

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