VIDEO: Mora on Wednesday

Jim Mora talks about Caleb Benenoch's development this year and how the offensive line is developing overall...

Jim Mora talks after practice on Wednesday:

Opening statement:
It was another good practice. I like the way they're focusing in when we come out here. I haven't seen any drop at all. I think that's good. That's a sign of their maturity. And I think they believe they can do some good things this year and they work towards it every day. And they did it again today. That's encouraging. We still have to go out and play well on Saturday, but at least the mindset seems to be shaken up into what we want it to be and that's always a real positive. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. You're probably so sick to hear me.

On Caleb Benenoch's role:
Well Caleb has some versatility. He can play guard and he can also play some tackle. What we'd like to do is get him some time at both of those spots, if possible. Right now I think it's really important that we establish consistency up front with those five and let them play together to the point where no matter who we're playing, where we're playing, what kind of front we're playing against, that those guys are solid and there has to be some chemistry between those guys. If we can get to situations where we can put Caleb in there at either guard or tackle, than we're going to do that.

On if he's noticed an improvement with the offensive line:
I have. They're much more consistent. There are fewer break downs. You don't see mental breakdowns. They play more cohesively. I've been impressed with them so far. They're playing against good players, so they're going to make some plays on you sometime. But it's not as frequent. We're not just getting beat. They're playing with a lot more confidence and that comes from playing together and in the same system and understanding each other and how they're supposed to fit on each particular play.

On if it has been because they haven't faced as many blitzes:
They have actually. Nevada brought it quite a bit. Even last week, some of the stuff they brought was pretty exotic and we blocked it pretty well. Not perfectly btu some of the stuff we hadn't seen but we blocked. I wouldn't say they're getting pressured every down, but they're seeing some pressures. More than just would appear to the naked eye. Because you know when Brett gets the ball and the pressure doesn't get there, it doesn't look like pressure. They're doing a good job of communicating through that stuff. This week will be a challenge because New Mexico State does some things that we haven't seen up front. They'll give you some unusual alignments. They can cause some problems and make some plays because of it. So when we see those things, we just have to follow our rules to get through them and hope that we can make the play.

On Myles Jack and Anthony Barr at the outside linebacker spots:
What's great about those two and even Aaron Wallace and Kenny Orjioke, you're talking about four top outside linebackers, of the guys who play, is they're all athletic, they all can play and they can all move in space. They're not one-dimensional guys and they're not just pass-rushers. You can put them in coverage. I don't know if you guys saw the 1on1s today, but we always take Myles down to cover the wideouts, and he had two interceptions. Maybe we'll put him at corner. I don't know. Nah, we have good corners. I like our corners and they won't take offense to that. But having that athleticism plus they're all four really smart too. Kenny, AWall, Anthony and Myles are all really smart guys so they can handle a lot. It's a real luxury for us right now.

On if all four could play 4-5 different positions:
We've seen what Anthony can do. He's played a different position. Myles could play running back, he was a running back in high school. Kenny was a safety in high school, but he's not going back there, he's too big. And AWall, he'd probably be a heck of a tight end too. Those guys are big, physical, strong, athletic, smart guys. It's fun to have those kind of guys on your roster. You find a way to play them.

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