VIDEO: Ulbrich on Special Teams, LBs

Linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich talks about the development of Myles Jack and how Nebraska's fake punt was stopped on Saturday...

Jeff Ulbrich on linebackers, special teams:

On the linebackers so far:
They're getting better. The beauty of it is I have very talented guys. That's always the luxury of a coach and makes me look like a good coach. But they're getting better. I'm fortunate to have a very humble group that's committed to working their butts off every day in practice, that's committed to getting better and being the best. So it's been fun. It's going to be fun to see how these guys progress this year.

On Myles Jack:
Obviously, athletically, we knew it was there, had the potential athletically. But you never quite can tell with these true freshman, how they're going to grasp the defense and the concepts and stuff like that. The way he's been able to apply the defense and then obviously utilize his athleticism has been remarkable. I'm excited about his future.

On the depth and situational talent:
At the end of the year, we're all going to be so much better. Each guy has kind of taken off a few reps of the next guy and the cumulative reps at the end of the year won't be so much. We're going to have a fresher, healthier group. And each guy has a special attribute. As a coach, it's my duty to get them on the field so they can each do their thing.

On how he coaches the versatility of the group:
I think our guys maybe need a little less help than most linebackers. We can ask them to do a little more from a coverage and ability standpoint. It's definitely a luxury for myself and Coach Spanos calling the defense.

On special teams, noticing the fake punt by Nebraska:
It was the punt prior. I noticed the MP, the center guy, the shield, just sort of looks at the formation then kicks away. The prior one, he looked to the sideline, I'm like 'oh no, this isn't good.' We were not (in safe punt). Not to say we're not defensively sound, but still, it's always going to be rolling the dice on that. Fortunately we got to see that and it worked out and we got the defense out on the next step and RG made a nice tackle for us. They had done nothing, nothing, prior to our game to indicate that they would do something like that. Pelini is renowned for being very safe and cautious on special teams so that was out of character.

On watching for specific fake punts on film:
We always show them maybe what they've shown in the past and then I'll always slip a funky one from a prior week and a different team, just to check our defensive assignments, everyone knows who they have.

On Covington's muffed punt snap:
For a true freshman, there is a lot going on in your mind. A lot of noise, a lot of distractions and obviously he's young. So I could bet a million dollars, he wasn't thinking, 'I've got to catch this ball. He's thinking they're going to rush six out of this, they do six out of this. He wasn't thinking about (the catch), he's got to slow his mind down and eliminate the noise. It has to be catch it and kick it, two steps and I'm out. And the beauty of that is, it didn't cost us the game but it's a valuable lesson for a young guy to learn.

On if Covington reacted to the drop right:
It was perfect. It's one of those things that if it's absolutely clear, absolutely no rush, you can ask him to kick that ball, try to get it away. But if there is any threat, just take it. Because it goes from bad to worse, you take it, it's blocked, they score. So he made the perfect decision there.

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