VIDEO: Barr on Accolades

Anthony Barr talks about the national awards he won this week, having his first big game of the year, and the development of Myles Jack on the other side...

Anthony Barr on the development of the linebackers:

On his performance against Nebraska:
It felt good just to get back out there and play like myself. I didn't feel like myself in the first game. But I had my legs under me and the wind in me last week and I felt good out there.

On if he felt he tried to do too much against Nevada:
No, I don't think so. I think it was just they were blocking me a certain way and I never got comfortable. But against Nebraska, I got my feet wet early and felt comfortable going forward and that catapulted me the rest of the game.

On the national accolades he received this week:
That was brought to my attention a few times and that was pretty cool. But it's one week. I don't think that matters too much going forward.

On playing with Myles Jack:
He's very smart and it comes very naturally. It seems like a smooth transition thus far. I think he's just going to get better. It's just been a couple of games and he's getting adjusted to the college football style and I'm excited to see his ceiling. I think he's picking it up faster than I did and he's playing better than I did. I'm excited. I think he's going to be a great player for us.

On if he thinks Jack is having a better season so far:
It looks that way. Just being in the room with him, and watching him every day, he's just gotten better and better and he's very smart and humble kid and I'm very happy to have him on this team.

On if it feels like the linebackers are faster:
We have a lot of speed, not just with our linebackers but with our entire team. With our two outside guys, me and Myles, we're pretty quick sideline to sideline. And then Jordan and Eric are really instinctual with a lot of speed and agility. That poses a lot of problems for opposing teams.

On focusing on sacks:
No, it's all in the flow of the game. Every game is going to pan out differently. If you get a sack, that's great, but if your team wins, then that's awesome as well. I think it would bother me if I wasn't getting those and we were losing. I think that's where it would hurt me. But I'm alright, I know they're going to come.

On how close he came to picking the swing pass:
It was close. I wasn't going to get it or intercept it but I was trying to pick up the fumble. Martinez is a fast guy. I tried to push him by the ball, but I don't know, home field advantage I guess. My specific assignment on that play was the quarterback, and I was slow playing it, but if he pitched it, that's what I'd do.

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