VIDEO: Mora After New Mexico State

Coach Jim Mora talked after the win over New Mexico State, about the play of Brett Hundley, and getting back-up players a chance to play...

Opening statement
This is a good win. I'll tell you what I liked about that win. We learned a couple weeks ago, I don't want to get all philosophical or emotional but so many of these kids have the dream of playing for UCLA in the Rose Bowl and we can have a game like that and get a bunch of kids like that playing the game of football is awesome. I've been on the other side of games like that, and there is nothing worse than when it appears that teams are trying to run things up, and I just want to guarantee you, we don't do that. But to see Sam Handler and Zach Hernandez catch a couple passes and to see Ahmaad Harris, who's worked so selflessly, catch a couple of passes, and to see Ryan Davis who just busts his tail every week carry the football, that's awesome stuff right there. That's why these guys plays. So, there was no disrespect meant to New Mexico State to go fast at the end of the game, it's just a matter we wanted those kids, who've worked so hard, to get a chance to play. I thought New Mexico State played their tails off, and I commend them for that. A couple of things we've obviously got to clean up. We have not had a turnover problem this year. We had three in the red zone. We've got to fix that and the penalties, obviously we have to fix those as well. We'll go back to work on that and get it fixed. It was great to see all those guys go out on the field and play football for UCLA. It was great.

On Brett Hundley's play:
At one point, I told him to just pull the trigger. He looked hesitant and we've got to move through that. I think it's time for him to move through that. He ended up with good numbers, but numbers aren't always the true story. I think he was a little shaky at times. He's such a good player. He's so composed and so mature and he can get through that. I'd like to see him start a little bit more solid. That's nitpicking it a little bit.

On using 10 players on the field for the first play:
That was the players' idea and Noel's idea. I don't ever think that we can do enough to honor Nick Pasquale and his family. But that was just a small gesture. With Shaq [Evans], we ran him off the field and ran with 10 and our 11th guy out there was Pacman. And the players were fired up about doing that. I'm glad we did it.

On coming out fired up on defense:
I'm glad you recognized Randall Goforth] because he played well. That might be the best game he's played since he's been at UCLA. He had some good solid hits. I thought we played well. Anytime that they had the ball, we were aggressive. We had some nice hits on kickoffs and got after the quarterback pretty good. good hits on runners. But you're supposed to go after it like that. That's how we want to play. Physical, fair, tough.

On UCLA scoring 83 consecutive unanswered points between last two games:
I think it says a lot about the team and the young men we have on this football team. They work hard. They care about each other. They play hard. It's important to them. I'm don't know thats it's the offense or the defense or our special teams, I think its everybody who puts a jersey on. Playing with a lot of pride and a lot of class and they want to play the best they can."

On Malcolm Jones:
I like Malcolm a lot. Our problem is that Thiggy is coming back. We have one football and a lot of playmakers on offense. I would like to see Malcolm get more carries earlier in the game, we'll talk about that as a staff. I think through the first three games, I've been so proud of the way he has played. He went through a lot last year, swallowing his pride the way that he did and performing how he has. I'm really proud of Malcolm. We will try and get him more carries."

On Steven Manfro:
He really ran hard. He looked like he was pounding it up in there. He was a little disappointed out in Nebraska that he didn't get as many touches. But rather than express disappointment and sulking, he had a great week of practice and he came out tonight and played extremely well. That to me defines his character. Rather than sulking and complaining, he worked hard. It paid off tonight for him. It's a great problem to have, it's a question I don't know the answer to right now. I'm glad it's a question, I can tell you that. And I'm glad that I don't have the answer.

On an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty assessed against him:
"I was upset about the call on Anthony Barr. I probably, obviously, said something that I shouldn't have. I think those guys work their tails off and I think they do a very good job under very hard circumstances. It's been an emotional couple of weeks. I think I let my emotions get the best of me there and I shouldn't. It's not a very good example. We all stand back here and criticize, and I'm hard on them and sometimes you jab them, cause you're trying to get something out of them during the game. But I certainly don't like to do that.

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