VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense, Hundley

Noel Mazzone discusses how he thought Brett Hundley did to start the game and breaks down the decision to flip Torian White and Simon Goines...

Noel Mazzone after New Mexico State:

On Brett Hundley:
Any time you have three turnovers in the red zone, and then penalties, we had three holding penalties, a couple of offsides. I'm not happy about that. He made some good plays for us. For me it was an inconsistent night for us offensively.

On Steven Manfro:
Oh man, he looked good didn't he? Steven came in, did well and that's kind of our MO, as the game goes on, our running backs kind of start to get a feel for how the defense is playing, our OLine starts to pick up a few things and those kids started breaking some longer runs, and when that gets going, it gets a lot easier for Brett. It took us a little time, but I was happy with all the backs, Manfro, Jordon, Perkins, I thought they really contributed tonight.

On how Manfro fits in with the health of the team improving:
It's awesome, isn't it? That makes for a good football team when you have competition. Competition at each position. That running back position just keeps getting stronger and stronger each week. It was kind of nice tonight, because I got us in a bunch of two-back sets and a lot of those kids got a chance to get in there, where the week before, we went one-back sets. Steve keeps running like that and Perk and those guys, I might be in three-back sets.

On flipping Torian White and Simon Goines:
We did. Simon was having just a little bit of a strength issue with that knee he dinged up. And so it was hard for him on the left side. They both had played that last year, so we flipped them to kind of give Simon a chance for whichever knee was bothering him, so he could get some time off on that and get that well.

On Caleb Benenoch:
We had planned from the beginning to get Caleb work in there. We also tried to get Duarte in and some more reps. Obviously that's the best teacher and coach in the world, the more and more game reps you can get from those young guys, they're pretty important to the football team and that helps us later on down the road.

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