VIDEO: Hundley after New Mexico State

Brett Hundley says he thinks another bye week could be good for the team and talks about his overall performance on Saturday night...

Brett Hundley after New Mexico State:

Opening statement:
The defense is doing a good job, the offense is putting up good numbers, it's the way we play.

On the offensive mindset when they score 59 points and point out their mistakes:
That shows a lot from the discipline and the ability of this team, that even in a win, it wasn't our best. We had a lot of penalties and that hurts a lot and some bad situations. I think 100 and some yards and we can't have that. And with the red zone turnovers, we can't have that either. We have to fix that. Luckily we have a bye week in there, so we have to watch the film and fix that.

On being ready for the Pac-12:
Now it's time to get down to business. These games mean a lot, but conference play is what we're here to do. We have a bye week, we can learn from what we did the previous three week, get active and understanding and getting everything fixed and come out into conference play and light the scoreboard up.

On the advantage or disadvantage to two quick bye weeks:
At first I was thinking about it, I think it's an advantage to have it right now. Going into conference play, we would have liked to have a bye week in the middle of the season, it is sort of an advantage to have it before conference play, because you played the three games, you can watch film on yourself, and film on your opponents and get better at it, and go into conference play on a high note.

On how helpful the running game is to the passing game:
I love throwing the ball, I tell Mazzone we don't need to run the ball. But our offensive line is doing such a great job, when they're opening the holes like that, you have to run the ball and we're taking advantage of it.

On the zone reads:
New Mexico State came with a good plan. The ends weren't crashing a lot, so they were keeping me in the pocket. Great game plan for them, but they do that, it opens things up for us in the offense. The O-Line was creating holes for the running backs, and once I handed it off, if they don't stop me, then they have to stop the running backs so it's either or.

On if NMSU was changing their red zone coverage:
No, not really. They ran their base coverage. They just got us. Nothing is going to be perfect. It's all stuff we'll learn. We're still a growing team and we have a lot to learn. And luckily we have a bye.

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