VIDEO: Spanos on Defense

Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos talks about the play of Randall Goforth, Myles Jack, and more...

Lou Spanos after the game:

Opening statement:
We did a nice job from the beginning, playing the defense stopping the run, just communicating and doing our assignments.

On the touchdown's they gave up:
We just keep on working. We had different players in the game. And once we start rotating, our stand doesn't change, we have to make sure of our assignments. We had a missed assignment and we'll line up and play again.

On the youngsters:
Myles Jack is doing a great job, and Deon Hollins is rushing the edge. We have some other players coming in and guys are getting the experience.

On how comfortable he is against running quarterbacks:
You're never comfortable. In this league, there is always quarterbacks moving, you just have to account for them and every play they can take it to the end zone. We stay on our assignments.

On having another bye for Utah:
It's not a week off, it's a week we'll have work. We're going to get ready for Utah. We'll watch the film tomorrow and start getting ready for Utah.

On Travis Wilson:
He's a good player, and I think he's from South of us. This game will mean something to him.

On Randall Goforth:
Randall had a good game. I watched it on tape. He did a good job of making breaks on the ball, he was disruptive, had a couple of PBU's. On first third down, there was a quarterback draw, and he came up and made the tackle. And then later on, he made a good tackle. He had a good game and is doing better each week.

On the defensive improvement:
They had a good week of practice, the whole defense did. The more reps they get, the better they feel. They're doing a great job of playing with their eyes, and coming up in the run game and doing a great job of covering. It's a work in progress at all three positions, but everyone is working together and they're working.

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