VIDEO: Manfro on Big Game

Running back Steven Manfro talks about impacting the game as a returner, receiver, and running back on Saturday...

Steven Manfro after the win:

Opening statement:
There are a lot of things we need to improve as a team, as a whole. We didn't play to the best of our abilities. Now we have the bye week, and we'll come back and just go to work and put in more effort and try to crack down on our mistakes.

On the unanswered points being a result of offense or defense:
It's both. It's a team. If our offense is doing well, the defense has to do well. If our defense is doing well, the offense has to do well. We're both there for each other. And we both need to work as a team and do what we can to be productive.

On starting with 10 men on the field:
It's amazing. Just to honor him like that Just acting like he's on the field. It's a play for him. This game, this whole season is for him and we just dedicate everything to him.

On the running back rotation:
It definitely brings a great competition in practice all the time. We're just trying to compete against one another, to see who's going in the game.

On what big plays mean to him:
It definitely adds confidence. Obviously scoring adds confidence to your play. It just makes you want to get up there and help the team and just play to the best of your abilities.

On the kickoff return to start the game:
I was just excited. It was a good play to start the game and I was just ready to go. I just saw a little crease and I hit it.

On if this game was a quintessential game for him:
Whatever I can do to benefit the team, whether that's on special teams, offense or whatever, I'm just trying to help the team and do whatever I can.

On if he thought he'd get on a roll after the big return:
I'm just going to go out there and play every play one play at a time and not think about how I'm going to do well the whole game, but that I have to take it one play at a time. And just focus and give my best ability every time.

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