VIDEO: Goforth on Seconday

Randall Goforth talks about his growth as a player from last year to now and the development of the young secondary over the last few games...

Randall Goforth after the victory:

On if he thought it was his best game at UCLA:
I don't know really. I just go out there and do my time. We schemed for them pretty well this week. My job was to go out there and play fast and that's what I did.

On what the 83 unanswered points mean:
That we're resilient. We can handle any pressure that comes to us. We play together, that's it. If things aren't going well on either side of the ball, we never panic under pressure. We take it one down.

On the secondary:
Really, we compete every day in practice, with Shaq Evans and the great receivers on the other side of the ball. This week, home again, competing with those guys, making them better to make us better, hopefully it will show on the field. I believe that we did pretty well tonight. It didn't surprise me at all. Us in that group, in that room, with that team, we know we have the talent in the secondary. All we have to do is show it to the people and show it to everyone that we can play with anybody. I feel like tonight, we just took another step.

On his own improvement from year one:
I feel like I'm just learning the game better. I'm always in my coaches ears, to find out what I can do to make me better and the secondary better. Knowing the game more a little bit, but there is a lot more to learn, a lot more mistakes that we have to correct and move forward.

On if his open field tackling has improved:
We do tackle drills every day with Coach Meat in practice and it carries over. If we do our job how we're supposed to do, things will pan out.

On the secondary getting the first interception of the year:
It's a start. We expect a lot more, within our secondary. Because we want to be a great secondary, not a good secondary. We'll go back and check the film and see what opportunities weren't made tonight. I'm happy for Ishmael on his interception.


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