VIDEO: Fuller on Rapport with Hundley

Devin Fuller talks about the two missed touchdown catches and his developing connection with Brett Hundley...

Devin Fuller on Saturday:

On being part of the Bruin offense:
I think our offense is very explosive and the way we score is a very good thing. Our defense is holding their own. Keeping us in the game, a lot of times, after we fumbled the first drive. Our defense gave us the ball right back.

On getting back in the end zone:
It felt real good. At first, I was looking around to see if there was any penalties, see if I wanted to celebrate first. It felt real good.

On some missed opportunities early:
We'll look at the film and see how it is, there is always something to improve on.

On the slow start offensively:
The second quarter we figured out what they were doing, but I don't think it was a slow start, we just had some miscommunication and some missed opportunities but the second quarter was better than the first.

On 83 unanswered points since Nebraska:
I think it has to do with our offensive schemes. Brett was going through his reads very well, the Mazzone's were calling great plays. All the credit to our team, our running backs running well, Brett going through his reads.

On he and Hundley connecting on deep throws:
Me and Brett just have to work on it. We missed on a deep one together. I normally will run under those in practice, but today he had a little oomph under it. We have to hit those in practice a little more, and hopefully it will come in the game on the deeper routes.

On continuing to develop as a receiver:
It's coming along pretty well and I feel like I'm a receiver now. I still see the field like a quarterback, coming to the sideline, telling the coach what they're doing out there. That's another reason why as the game goes on, I catch more passes.

On Hundley's chemistry with all the receivers:
I feel like he distributes the ball well, around numerous amounts of players. I feel like he has a good connection with the receivers and we all are very decisive in what we do and Brett has a keen eye for that. All of us have that relationship with him.

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