VIDEO: Brown on Special Teams

Jayon Brown talks about making the move to linebacker, how he's doing with the special teams role, and what his expectations are for the year...

Jayon Brown talks about special teams:

On special teams impact:
It feels good just trying to do the best I can do for the team, and get our defense and the whole sideline turnt.

On playing as a true freshman mostly on special teams:
Special teams is a great opportunity for anybody.

On his experience on special teams in high school:
We took special teams very seriously and you just have to strive at it.

On if he hit a freshman wall:
It wasn't difficult, you just have to learn more and get used to things so I can become the player I want to be.

On his role moving forward:
Just going by how I've performed in practice, we'll see how it goes.

On how comfortable he is with the defense:
I'm very comfortable. Mental, you have to have communication and know where you have to be and everyone else has to be.

On where he's focusing:
Jack linebacker and nickel. I'm getting there. Its the same role, but a little different defenses.

On his expectations for the year:
I'm just where i need to be. Just trying to get on the field and help my team as best as possible.

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