VIDEO: White at Left Tackle

Torian White talks about switching to left tackle from right tackle and whether he's more comfortable on the left side of the line...

Torian White talks about playing left tackle:

On the flipping to left tackle:
I played all last year at left tackle, so it really wasn't a shock or anything to get put back there. There wasn't much adjustment to being made. I started out spring playing left and right, getting reps on both sides, it's basically the same now.

On if it's permanent:
I'll leave that up to the coaches right now, I'm just going to focus on my job.

On if it felt like going home moving back to left tackle:
Yeah, I'm feeling comfortable on both sides now. I've gotten enough reps on right and left not to be frustrated with either side. The only thing is the muscle movement is a little bit different so I have to be reversed. So I have to stretch a little before.

On if he feels they're trusting him more:
Whatever happens in the coaches room, is completely in their hands. I'm not sure what's going on in there, they just tell me.

On if he feels more responsibility blocking Brett Hundley's blind side:
I feel the same sense of responsibility on both sides. I don't take one side more seriously than the other. I take both sides like I should and I just execute my job.

On the offensive line as a whole:
I think we're doing good. We definitely have some improvement. I think as a coach, Coach Klemm won't ever be satisfied and same thing as an offensive line, we'll never be satisfied with what we're doing.

On the biggest difference from last year to this year:
There are a ton of differences. From the attitude just growing completely with the whole team. As a whole offensive line, I feel like we're playing stronger together. We're all on the same page compared to last year. The quarterback knows what we're doing, we know what he's doing, so it's kind of just a feel of what's going on between us.

On how the extra weight has helped him:
I haven't really been paying attention to the weight, it's more about how I can better my technique. If I step one way, I have to make sure my feet are correct with how I'm blocking somebody. It's got to be fast, it's got to be powerful. Those are the things going through my mind through the season.

On how he thinks Alex Redmond is doing:
I think Alex Redmond is doing a great job, I love the kid to death. He's awesome. He's been in the film room, learning everything, he's been putting the work in. He still has some improvement like we all do, but I've got good faith in the kid.

On the decrease in sacks:
To be honest, I don't even look back at last year with the sacks, I don't even remember that. It's not even about sacks, it's about getting the job done. I feel like if we do what we're supposed to, we don't have anything to worry about. It's not really the focus of the offensive line, it's mainly to execute our job, and that shouldn't happen.

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