VIDEO: Hundley on Offensive Improvement

Brett Hundley talks about how the offense has improved from last year, how his scrambling ability has improved, and what development he's seen from the offensive line...

Brett Hundley on the offense:

On the offensive grade:
I think we're doing good. Rating wise, every game is different. I think we just have to keep progressing as an offense. The first three games, they were out of the Pac-12, non-conference play, we got to get our feet a little wet. Now, it's time to play some football. Luckily we have this bye week, so we can work on what we need to. We had a great practice today. We just have to keep getting better.

On going to Utah as a freshman:
I think that was the Ice Game. When the whole field was snow. That was fun.

On if he was used to snow being from Arizona.
Not at all.  That was the first time I had even thrown the ball with some snow. I have a picture actually. It was two offensive linemen with their shirt off. And me.

On if he's excited it's not forecasted for snow:
Thank God. I'd rather play in heat in snow. Easily.

On how he assessed his performance against NMSU:
Mora's critical of things, but I still say I'm the most demanding of myself. More than anybody or any expectations. Things went good, things went bad. No quarterback is going to have a perfect day. We all expect perfection but no one is ever going to get it. There were some mistakes and that happens, so I just have to get in the film room, get better and when we play Utah, have a better game.

On the difference in opinions from last years game performance to this year:
I sort of like it. To be honest, I try not to look at outside expectations, because I feel like my expectations are so high that all that stuff is really the stuff that doesn't matter. I was thinking about that though. Last year, you almost throw for 300 yards and we're winning, everyone is like 'we're happy'. Now, the expectations are so much higher, and I understand that. But the expectations of myself are a lot higher just from me, so I expect a lot better.

On if he's watched any film on Utah:
I'm going to check it out today. I was watching film of the previous games. So this, I'm going to sit for a couple of hours and watch some film.

On if he thinks increased strength has let him scramble more:
I think just understanding the situations and down and distance and understanding the pocket presence, I think that helps a lot. We had a freshman OL, a freshman quarterback and a lot of things that were just scrambling out there, so sometimes, I'd just take off with the eyes down and not really stay up. But now I'm able to understand when to run and when to throw and feel more comfortable running the ball.

On the improvement of the offensive line:
They're so much better. Last year, they were a great line, but communication wise, we weren't as good as we were this year. That's why as we grow and progress, they were freshman last year, we were all freshman last year, now we're all sophomores. It's just we've got a whole year under our belt to be able to work together and understand. Now it's gotten to the point where Jake (Brendel) will take care of everything, and I'll just sit back there.

On if the offense has taken a leap:
To be honest, I really haven't focused or recognized the stats we put up. Last year, since it was our first year, we were sort of shocked to see that we could put up numbers like that. But we're just playing out there, now it doesn't really affect us. Last year, I think we were looking more at the ratings, but now we're just winning, and that's what it comes down to.

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