VIDEO: Thigpen on Return

Damien Thigpen talks about his return from the ACL injury, how he's feeling in terms of trusting the knee, and when he expects to be fully back...

Damien Thigpen on return from injury:

On if he'll be back for Utah:
First off, it's not potentially, I'm coming back for the game. I will be in the lineup, I will be there. I'm feeling good, I'm excited.

On where he's at mentally:
I'm trusting it. I've gone out here, done a lot of moves, done a lot of team. I know what it can do. I'm basically back to where it was. I have to wear a knee brace and that kind of sucks, but other than that, I'm ready to go. I trust it, I have explosiveness in it and I feel good.

On being involved in special teams:
That's all up to Coach Ulbrich, Coach Broussard and Coach Mora. Coach Ulbrich is excited to have me back and he asked me the last game where do I want to be at, do I still want to be there. Of course, I want to be on the field any position that's at. It's up to Coach Mora, them deliberating on the field, getting together and saying what they want me to do.

On if the coaches are hesitant:
I'll still have to continue to talk to Coach Broussard but Coach Mora is excited and it depends on Coach Broussard on what he feels, and he's the guy who goes on his feelings so it all depends on how I look.

On the offensive line:
I'm going to be excited no matter what. I finally get to come back, it's been a long road, I've been through a lot. I know the line is going to do their thing and I'm going to be behind them running the ball.

On if the ground attack makes him more eager:
It does and the OLine is doing a tremendous job, and Brett's handing the ball off. But I'm excited, I really am.

On if he's been hit:
I've taken hits at times I shouldn't have taken hits. When I had a red jersey on. I think Tahaan or someone hit me real good and Coach Mora got upset, but I'm good.

On how he'll be used:
Most of our backs can do multiple things. Catching the ball, running the ball, I'm going to fit that mold I was placed in last year. The coaches are going to use me like they've always used me.

On if he'll be nervous:
I know when I get to the game, there is going to be jitters, it's my first game back in I don't even know how many months. So I'm going to be nervous, but if you're not nervous, you're not ready.

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