VIDEO: Benenoch at Right Tackle

Caleb Benenoch talks about playing right tackle over the last two weeks and whether he's experienced any homesickness...

Caleb Benenoch on playing right tackle:

On the new position:
I feel real comfortable. I got quite a few reps in the game towards the end there and coaches liked what they saw so they gave me more reps in practice and working me in more.

On being at his natural tackle position:
I thought the switch from high school to college tackle would be tough but it wasn't. It was real fluid and so I haven't had any hiccups.

On if he had any jitters:
No, it was just one of those things where I want to make the most of my opportunities so I'm trying to obviously compete for a starting position every day. So there were no jitters, it was real fluid. I think I had more jitters going in at guard than tackle, just because I'm more comfortable at tackle.

On if he was disappointed he didn't win the right guard spot:
Yeah, definitely. Anytime you lose a battle, there is very much disappointment. I just kept working and throughout fall camp there were a lot of times where I took reps at tackle and the coaches saw what I could do there so they started working me at both guard and tackle and as the weeks went on, they felt that the best fit for me was at tackle and I moved to that position permanently.

On how Adrian Klemm has kept him engaged:
We come out here early and we work on my technique and my stuff about 30 minutes before practice and I go through 1on1s, we get a lot of work in.

On Christian Morris transferring:
He didn't tell us. We found out when Coach Klemm found out at the game. We talked to him afterwards. He felt like he wanted to be home with his family, and you can't fault anybody for wanting to be closer to their family and we just wish him the best of luck.

On adjusting to moving from Texas:
I have and again, I'm from Nigeria, I moved here when I was 8 so traveling isn't a big deal for me. Of course I miss my family, because they're my family, but this is business and that is different so I have to take care of my business here and I'll get to see them.

On if he preferred to play as a freshman even if he's not starting:
It's different for me because I'm competing for a starting spot and it has nothing to do if I'm redshirting or not. The opportunity to compete for a starting spot to me, is more important to me than saving a year of eligibility so I want to come in and compete now, when I can and let the rest of it take care of itself.

On if he thinks he can supplant the two sophomore tackles:
If you outperform your opponents, that's just the mindset you have to have. And that's the mindset that Coach Klemm wants all his linemen to have and that's why he recruits the best players. If you're not up to it, you won't play and that's just the way we have, mentality, of the offensive lineman.

On if that mentality has helped the lineman:
I think it has greatly. We run the ball really well. Our protection has gotten better from last year. That's because the guys we have in there, we have the same mentality that we're going to get after it.

On if he's excited for classes to begin:
I am. Kind of. The girls are back in Westwood so I'm happy about that.

On what he wants to major in:
I want to major in comm, but they have me in some GE classes, some literature classes.


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