VIDEO: Barr on Facilities, Bye Week

Anthony Barr says that facilities didn't play a huge role in his recruitment, talks about the impact of a second bye week, and breaks down what makes Shaquelle Evans who he is...

Anthony Barr on facilities:

On the new facilities:
It's cool. I expect a call in a couple of years to help fund it. We'll see how that goes. Maybe next year.

On if he was told about the facilities when he was recruited:
That was something they never talked about. The facilities here weren't as good as Oregon's but I think what we lack in facilities, we make up in other things, like coaching staff, the environment, the location and whatnot.

On if he took that into account:
Not really. I went to Notre Dame on a visit and their facilities were off the chart. They're not very comparable. It is what it is and each school has it's pros and cons. For a school like Notre Dame, they had to kind of make that their selling point.

On what you would need in a facility:
I think just the basics. Somewhere to sit down. Somewhere to shower. Somewhere if you need to get away, you can just go in and hang out. I think we have that here. Everyone is doing these crazy things and I think UCLA is getting on par with that. We're not high maintenance. Like I said, everyone is jumping on, so they kind of have to.

On not being able to put Shaq Evans in a box:
I don't think you really know Shaq until you sit down and talk with him. He was my roommate a couple times. He's a pretty funny guy. You wouldn't know that being out here. I think in certain situations, he's very competitive. Either on the football field or playing video games, anything. It's easy to push his buttons. I kind of know what to say to him to get him upset. Sometimes, just to mess with him, and sometimes to get him going a little bit. I think he's a better player when he gets going. Just talking to him, you know if you talk to him, he's going to listen and he'll say something back to you. It's always funny to talk. But he knows how to channel his emotions. If you talk to him, he's going to talk back. If he scores a touchdown on you, he'll shut you up.

On his comments about USC:
It doesn't surprise me. He's just being honest. That's how he feels. I don't think it's right for us to tell him not to do that. Whether it's right or wrong. It might have raised some eyebrows. Just Shaq being Shaq, simple as that.

On a second bye week:
I haven't really dealt with it before but it gives us the opportunity to really focus on the conference and our first game and our first conference game which is very important and get some guys healthy that might be nicked up. I don't think we have too many injuries right now. We had a lot of mistakes last game so it gives us time to focus on those and correct those and it definitely benefits us. I don't think there are any cons to it thus far.

On if the defense is tougher:
I think we have a better understanding. And when you have a better understanding, you play faster. When you play faster, it may come off as playing tougher. But when you have a good feel for it, you don't have to think about it, you can just go out and play.

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