VIDEO: Mora on Thursday

Coach Jim Mora talked about freshman offensive lineman Alex Redmond, a recent injury and starting preparation for Utah...

Opening statement:
It was a good week of practice.

On recruiting weekend:
It's important. But we have next week to get out as well, because we play Thursday. So we've got two weekends where we've got nothing. As a matter of fact, you saw Coach Ulbrich and Yarber were not here, they're already out. They'll be at games tonight. We'll all be at games tomorrow and if there is anything on Saturday, we'll be there. We're all hitting the road. It's great. I don't think I'm allowed to (tell), but you may know anyway. You might be able to tell me. I just know we're all over the place. We'll be looking at a bunch of good players this weekend and it's nice to be able to go out 3-0 and people take a little more notice when you're having success.

On Travis Wilson:
I haven't watched a lot yet. I'll start watching more tomorrow and Saturday, as we get ready for Sunday. I've been concentrating on this stuff so I haven't seen much.

On Mazzone's offense being good for the run:
It's spreading the field. When you spread the field, you're making it wide and it's tough to defend. Then we have some guys that are doing a really nice job upfront and our receivers block well. One of the things that is impressive to me is the way our receivers block down field. And then our guys are running the ball. I think the more you spread the field it opens things up in both the running and passing game. We're pretty balanced right now, which is what you strive for.

On how good Alex Redmond is as a true freshman:
I just know he's a good player. I don't even look at him as a freshman, he's a good player. Now he makes some young guy errors, but he's just a good solid football player. He's physical, he's athletic and he's got a little bit of a mean streak in him, which I think you like in those inside guys, the guards and the centers and he doesn't seem to be overwhelmed at all. I was a little nervous at Nebraska, quite frankly, how he was going to do in his first game on the road, in an environment like that, against a good opponent but he handled it really well. I think it calmed every one down and I think it calmed him down.

On Redmond's upside:
His football intelligence is going to continue to improve as he plays more. He's going to become, bigger and stronger as he works through this strength program that Coach Alosi has. He'll become more athletic, his feet will get better, his hand placement, working with Coach Klemm, just all the particulars of that position. Coach Klemm played that position so he knows it well. I don't want to put a limit on the kid, I think he can be a great player. I think he's already a good player, but he's got a lot of work to do.

On Kenny Clark:
He's just stout and he's solid and he's consistent, and he's great at the point of attack and hard to move out. In our defense, nose guards don't have great numbers, they don't have a lot of sacks, they don't have a lot of tackles, but they're kind of the unsung hero because they set the middle of your defense. And he's just stout, you can't move him out. Sometimes they get three guys on him and you can't move him out. All the freshman that are playing, I think there are 16 or 17 guys in the rotation, they're all doing a really nice job. We're pleased with all of them. I guess the one young guy in the rotation who's not done a lot is the punter. And that's not a bad deal that he hasn't punted a lot.

On Darren Andrews:
He's going to be o.k. He landed on his shoulder on Tuesday and then yesterday, he landed on it again. It's just sore. It's a mild, mild, AC sprain and we gave him today off and he's got Friday and Saturday. We'll come out Sunday and see how he is. He should be ok, I don't know if he'll have contact or not, but he'll be able to practice. He should be available for the game.

On if Andrews and Jalen Ortiz have earned their way into the rotation:
I think they have. And on special teams as well. I was impressed with Darren back there on punts and Jalen has the ability to return punts and kickoffs. Kind of like Alex. You look at the young guys and the game doesn't seem as big for them. You can see it in their eyes. Sometimes you look at guys and you see doubt or hesitation but with our young guys, I haven't seen that yet. And I don't think that they're going to feel any different just because it's Pac-12 play, for players, it's a game. I like those two guys, I think they're good players. I'm excited for them. I have no problem when I see them out on the field and I think they're going to be productive.

On how important going to Lincoln was for future road games:
I think it's really going to be a benefit. Just going into that environment, on the road and then facing all the things that we were facing that week, I think it was great for us and I think it will help us tremendously as we go to Utah and other places that we go. We go to Stanford, we go to Oregon, we go to places that aren't going to be easy and just having that experience in Lincoln, I can't imagine it won't do anything but help us.

On the Pac-12 closing the gap with the SEC:
I don't know. I don't watch enough SEC football or Pac-12 football, I just kind of worry about UCLA right now. I let other people make those decisions. I don't think it matters until the end of the year.

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